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  1. How to fix my major leak

    Just some very very quick thoughts... We're opening 2.5x, maybe mix in some 2x opens especially if we're gonna be oop for the hand. We'll lose some value when we're ahead but we'll be keeping the pot smaller when we cbet our 'misses'. Are we ranging our villain(s) correctly? TAG, LAG, Winning Reg, Unknown? Fish etc. Villain(s) are still not bluffing anywhere near as much as you may think, so don't get paranoid. It's o.k to fold if we think there's a good chance that we could be beat. Ask yourself 'Could our 1p be no good here?' (Remember it's still only 1p) **The above hand is bascially a cooler against a fish, but.............. I'd not be jamming 12K on the turn here after our villain had just flatted our massive flop XR I'd now have to range him heavily towards 2p and sets (**alarm bells would be ringing out loudly**).... The Ten on the turn shouldn't change anything with regards to that thought. (Even really bad fish don't 'normally' flat massive flop XR's with KJ/TJ gutter type of hands). I'd be in X decide mode. (We've obviously added the gutter, but I'd have absolutely no problem XF'ing here to him). (**Very occasionally could try betting turn small for 3K folding to any aggro, leaves us 11x which is still much better than dead, and we still draw to 4 possible nut outs if fish ever just calls our small turn bet (14 clean outs total). What hands are we realistically beating ????????? (Even a very long shot AT just made 2p). (Again, an absolute idiot got incredibly lucky, but you've got to way these situations up long term against the general population, and given the flop action here, we're gonna be crushed most of the time). Cheers. GL all the best. Carl.

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