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  1. semi-brag.. I'm 9/9 in this but im freerolling. I was all in w/10 left and hit a one outer. mercier had folded the other J but it would've given the other guy a flush anyways. not sure if they reported the suits right.
  2. Could not agree more! I would also suggest a daily 20r, 30r, or 50r. Slap a gaurentee on them and plenty of people will show
  3. So i played the 2k tourney yesterday with no success and then blew some money playing blackjack. I've been grinding on the laptop in the room and today i decided that i'm in vegas theres plenty to do other then gamble. Anyone that has been to vegas before what would be the number 1 2 and 3 thing that you would want to go do/see??
  4. In Event #10 (2k NLHE) I had Jh 9h in the bb, 3 way to the flop, it came 8c 5h 2h, I led out, only the button called. The turn was the 10c, there was about 1600 in the pot and the button had about 2k left so i just shoved all in on him. There was one minute left before break and a woman asked him if he was gonna use the whole clock to decide bc she needed to use the rest room... He said "I'm not folding" and tabled 67o. Then tried to save face and said that wasn't his decision. The floor was brought over and he was given a warning and allowed to much. The floor then told a well known pro at my table that if that were them, it would have been a call. Why should the rule be different for morons?

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