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  1. Taj Mahal

    so sick..i heard like every table is full and bunch of waiting lists...you gunna play the midnight mtt tonite?
  2. lol honestly even if u did who cares...want me to send u $4 will that make ur worries better?
  3. Taj Mahal

    Enter text here.*all caps removed from thread title* i heard the BBJ is at like 500k??? can anyone verify this? thats disturbing
  4. yea def take advice from this guy..his strategy seems pretty legit LMAO...better off slitting your wrists imo
  5. yea i think shoving is way too much of an over bet...id prob bet 99,999 then fold if he jams
  6. me and 3 friends all got ours back to our ftp account...i use chase bank they all have bank of america...mayb its just those banks dunno
  7. sorry to break your balls but the bank wires have been on hold lately cuz of the ftp investigations..banks arent approving them to come through
  8. yea in my spare time i just like spreading pointless rumors... Scott Matusow told this to people
  9. should be either 3 betting of folding this preflop...and no point in proceeding after the flop using icm clear fold pre..especially you saying that hes been playing tight??
  10. not kidding...100 percent serious...one of the things people dont know is that there also being investigated with money laundering to terrorists..no just in general
  11. yea dude..if i were u get your monies to Starz or somewhere else..big shit is going to be happening with FTP could happen any time..i took out EVERYTHING i dont trust..i heard from a very repupable source
  12. id 4bet or fold here...with good betsizing
  13. yea i agree with okse...i think 8 tabling mtts has the best variance..as for sngs...45 tabling is the way to go and is mos def +EV =)

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