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  1. Hi guys,1st time I sell a pack here,been selling lot of pack @2+2 never had any issue,(including some decent bink(1st FTOPS 27K,twice top 3 Hotter 75 etc+++ and been returning $ quickly after my games.Im gonna copy 2 packs I made @2+2 here,Thanks for taking a look and gl everybody. Hi,my name is Cédrick,from Québec,Canada.I been playing full time/for a living for 4 years or so and been doing relatively well on my own. I have been backing some players also on the side and I take poker very seriously. I just bought a house and I am looking to sell some action of my bigger buy ins just to reduce variance as my sessions are getting very expensive playing 5 sites/long schedule).I am very confident in my game and I'd also like to add that I am very comfortable mass-multy tabling and if I run very deep in something,I just unreg a couple and focus. Here's some notable scores/achievement: -1st FTOPS>>>>>>>28K(sold here and sent $ to investorsright after) -1st 888 major>>>>23.8K -1st Big 109>>>>>>19.7K -3rd Hotter 75 for 15.9K(Sold here and sent $ to investors right after) -3rd Hotter 75 for 14K(Sold here and sent $ to investors right after) -1st FTP ''Multy-Day''55$ for 17.4K and 12.6K(2 weeks in a row) -6th in term of ''Profit'' in 2014 @ FTP according to sharkscope -3 times weekly TLB winner @ Pokerstars(also shipped 3 hu against the pros) -7th in the 2014 Yearly TLB @ Pokerstars -2 Triple Crown -+Many other decent score/deep runs I play as Cedrick89 @ Pokerstars,Cedrick1 @ FTP and omgjefmonier @ 888 My ''group player'' at sharkscope is cedrick1 (± 380K profit) 2 Big missings scores at FTP (near black friday) you can verify with OPR, and some missing scores at 888 too (sharkscope stopped tracking 888 for 6/8 months). I'm looking to sell around 45% of this following package: 66$ The Breeze(888)8K The Sunday Warm up 500K The Big Ben 40K(FTP) The Crocodile(888)50K 55$ 15K 54$ 10K Ko 54$ Turbo Ko 20K POKERFEST#5 Ko 25K(Party) POKERFEST#6 MAJOR 250K(Party) POKERFEST#8 75K 100$(Party) TheMEGADEEP(888)100K The Bigger 109 200K SUNDAY MILLION The Sunday Challenge 90$ 1r 100K(888)(180$) 82$ 4 max Ultra-Deep Turbo 8K 55$ 6 max Turbo cap 500 15K 1910* *1.1518 TOTAL:2200$ 2%(min)>>>>>>>44.00$ 5%>>>>>>>>>>>110.00$ 10%>>>>>>>>>>212.00$(Discount 1.1099 for 10%+) -Can you guys please write your screenname and wich site you sending from. *You guys can send @cedrick89 (stars) Cedrick1 ( FTP) Omgjefmonier(888) I'll be playing couple on my own.Playing regardless of how much I sell. *I reserve myself the right to late reg or skip any event if I feel its in the best interest to do it. *If you guys got any questions, feel free to post in this thread or by pm and thanks for the interest.-Cédrick I'm looking to sell 70% of this following package: THE WHALE 500K(888)600$ FTOPS #34 200K 250$ SuperSonic 6 max 200K* @1.065 IF WE PROFIT TOTAL:1065$ 2%(min)>>>>>>21.30$ 5%>>>>>>>>>>53.25$ 10%>>>>>>>>>106.50$ *Here's my lifetime stats for 6 max Turbo/Hyper-Turbo: game played/avg profit/abi/avg ROI/total profit/ITM/total ROI SCHEDULED 4,559 $6.73 $19.58 34.3% $30,701 13.4% 32.6%

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