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    Sleeping, Eating, Cooking, Reading, Writing, Video Games, Driving around, and Graphic Novels/Comic B
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  1. HAHA! I didn't actually realize it said Never instead of Ever.
  2. Hello there homie. Hope life isn't shit.
  3. Okay, so if your internet ever goes out and you get the "no internet" page from Goggle Chrome. There is a little dinosaur that is just standing there. For years, I assumed it was just a cute icon. It is not. When you press the space bar the dinosaur starts moving and it's a game. I just learned this last week. If you have good internet you might not know the page and thus the dino of which I speak.
  4. I had no idea that when the internet goes out, that little dinosaur is actually a game you play by pressing the space bar. I have lost years of playing this game not knowing since I have had shitty internet for years.
  5. All pet related items. Owning two cats was and still is a mistake.
  6. Not that I want a Wawa burrito but having recently moved to the west coast, I really miss Wawa
  7. The Mummy Mortal Kombat Clueless
  8. I love this movie so much. It makes me cry every fucking time without fail. It is actually really debatted in Film Studies whether or not it should be considered a holocaust film or not.
  9. Hahaha I warned you and oh yes it has not aged well either. It becomes more self aware of its babness as it went on and played that up. But still I love Lucy Lawless and lesbian undertones coupled with cheesiness so it kinda won me over.
  10. Damn you too Mr. Blonde. I assumed Raiden was in the minority...
  11. It was a 90's show that was pretty bad but in like a good way. Josh and I disagree on which one is more attractive and I just need confirmation that I am correct. Pretty ridiculous edging on campy. Lots of lesbian undertones throughout the show.
  12. I need you to be more specific. No to Xena, no to Lucy Lawless, no to humanity, no to drugs?
  13. We just moved to Oregon and I feel like I will eventually need to go skiing. I have always wanted to but I am a pretty ungraceful human.

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