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    jarlath noone
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    Mayo, Ireland


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    i love to compete/sratch that i love 2 win! why i picked a variance based game is beyond me
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    one that hits
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    sole trader
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    The 4aces 4 cash the eglinton 4 tourny,s in galway
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    if its illegal or frowned upon im in !! lol
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    2/5 live in galway
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    200k grt on ipoker

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  1. so far it seems good ! the software seems fast (only time will show if its reliable). played 1 tourny whice seemed 2 hav a good mix of player types and countries represented. i checked out the tutorial videos and really like the idea of create ure own lounge with player cams that cud prove interesting. ill check back once ive played sum more 2 early to say like/dislike yet !!

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