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  1. in my opinion u should consider a fold here. if not preflop (i know it is hard to fold QQ preflop ever), than postflop. firstly: u are new to the table, that means people always think u stard of tight because u don't have anyreads. so players no u must have a good hand secondly: also u raised UTG 3xBB which seems to be a pretty strong hand, so most players on the table just have to know u got a good hand. so for anyone to reraise u from 12000 to 28000 he has to have a very strong hand which he wants u to call, doesn't want u to fold! (especially a reraise from the BB must be considered very strong with this amount, because postflop he would be out of position) understanding all this hints, in my opinion the only two hands he could have that u can beat are AK and JJ (also TT could be considered here, as there are aggressive players) the flop comming 2 T J is horrible and finally here u should understand that u are beat, because a possible JJ and TT would give him a set, AA and KK got u beat before the flop and AK ist the only hand he could have. so the range of hands he could have that got u beaten are four (AA, KK, JJ, TT) and the range of hands that u got beaten are just one (AK) postflop a clear fold for me. i hope this is a help and sorry, my english isn't perfect^^

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