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    Recreational poker player. Play micro online. Play Live tournaments in MS.
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    The winning one.
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    Pearl River Resort
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    Studying Japanese
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    .50/1 NL Holdem
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    Pot Limit Omaha

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  1. It has been a year since I started this thread and I can now give my experience on online vs. live poker. Over the last year, I have played in 5 live tournaments at 3 different locations. The biggest thing to get use to would be the atmosphere of the casino. Once you get the nervous part out of you, you can settle down and play your game. You see way less hands in live poker than online. After the first hour of play, you get a good idea of everyone's playing style. Some talk all the time about having top tier hands but will fold to counter aggression. You have the players that will fold everything expect a small amount of hands and kick up the aggression when they have it. Once you get use to recognizing the different characters, you can adjust to exploit each type. You have more time to think in live poker but don't spend forever on every hand. The blinds seem to go up faster since you play less hands per hour. Keeping up with stack sizes and pot sizes is more difficult but not hard if you pay attention. You can't bring the game with you on bathroom breaks. This last one is probably a good thing. No surprise here that live poker hands can act just like the online hands. Poker is poker. I have 2 examples where I was dealt Pocket AA. 1 busted me out of the tournament and the other would have if I did not fold on the turn. Do not get married to a hand in online and live. Stop and think of every hand that can beat you and what range you put your opponent on. In my first live tournament, I played very tight to get a feel of the game but was very observant. An aggressive player who likes to play every hand raised 3BB when I was in the BB. I decided to mix it up a bit since I was playing so tight and called with 10d9d. Flop was a bust for me but an Ace came out. I check raised my opponent to see if that Ace was a scare card for him. After a few moments of him talking and saying, "Damn every time I get a hand this shit happens.", he folded and showed me pocket KK. I try to go once a quarter to play some live poker. To avoid not breaking the bank, I only play with money I cash out from online poker. Made 1 live cash at a small $50 tournament. Happy with my overall play in 3 out of 5. Lessons learned by playing over a thousand online tournaments have helped set some muscle memory at the live table. I continue to studying and working on improving my game. Next challenge for me is to play a live cash game. Probably in Omaha Hi-Low since I have success in the online cash games. Success or failure are both important during every session. I always try to look at positives and negative or each tournament or cash game session.

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