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  1. Was thsi before or after he stole the 10k?
  2. Known Scammer. Kill on sight.
  3. In case anyone has been under a Rock This P.O.S love scamming thousands of people he considers friends. IMO is a scammer/con-man and deserves to DIAGF Die In A Grill Fire
  4. Copy of check for lawyer-Thats why it says void on it. Sorry but these were taken on cell camera since I dont have my other camera anymore. Deposit (including another check) Its a cashiers check due to it being more than 5k they put a hold on it. Once it clears I will get with Hinderantz to see if he wants me to ship him a cert check OR if people just want me to handle this I will ship on stars what I can deposit. My visa limits on stars are only 100 a day-600 month. I would think that echeck would be better (600 a day-2k a month) but however it needs to be handled it will be handled. The remaining 2800 we will have to figure out as I have only worked 3 days so far this week and I am unsure of what kind of hours they plan to give me.
  5. I cannot help that my bank wont just clear an out of state check. I am trying to make this right. I plan to take a pic of said check when it arrives. Sorry my mail man doesnt come here till after 4 ish every day our mail is delived. I will also be at work thats why I said I wont be on here till after 8.
  6. Thanks for the info tomm. I did email them. I forwarded this to hinderantz as well. Hello Charles Thank you for emailing PokerStars. Your current eCheck deposit limits are: Daily $600 Weekly $1500 Monthly $2000 Should you wish to deposit more than the above then you will need to max out the above limits and then we will require some verification details. If you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information about PokerStars security, please visit: http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/room/support/security-faq/ Regards, Man PokerStars Security ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxx Sent: 2010/01/17 20:14:52 To: security@pokerstars.com Subject: RE: Deposit limits/transfers/echecks >Hello, > >Can you please tell me how long it will take for me to have my echecks clear? Also what is my deposit limit? > >Thank you > >---- security@pokerstars.com wrote: >> Hello Charles, >> >> Thank you for your e-mail and explanation. >> >> We regret to inform you that we cannot accommodate your request at this time. You are >> welcome to request a review of your transfer limits when your current limits are being >> reached. >> >> Please contact us again at a later date should you wish for us to review your limits for >> an increase. >> >> Thank you for playing at PokerStars. >> >> Best Regards, >> >> Ileana V. >> PokerStars >> Security Team >> >> More information about Security is available online at: >> http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/room/support/security-faq/ >> >> ----- Original Message ----- >> From: xxxxx >> Sent: 2010/01/16 23:52:17 >> To: support@pokerstars.com >> Subject: Deposit limits/transfers/echecks >> >> >Hello, >> > >> > I would like to know what my daily/weekly deposit limits are. I also need to know what >> the max I can transfer daily is. I am going to need to make a 6k deposit and then >> transfer it between 20 other players. This is money owed to them. If I do it via echecks >> how long does it take to clear so that I can transfer. >> > >> >Thank you, >> > >> >Charles >> >Chazmental >> > >> > >> > > >
  7. Not sure if Hinderantz is or not. He didnt return my email as of a bit ago. If not I am not sure if everyone who wants it off line is comfortable with giving me their physical addy. Also there is no issues with my stars accounts so there wont be a prob transfering. My only question is how long does a echeck take to clear? Not sure if somoneone from around here would be willing to just swap 6k live for online or not. If there is you can pm me or you can just post in here. Yes I did, The hours are going to staggar a bit as it could be 12 hours up to 30 hours a week. The other 2800 I am trying to work something out since I have my last surgery on the 15th and then will be out for l1 week then p/t. My job knows about the surgery and that I will need a week and also my rehab will be done in the a.m. and not intrupt my job. We will work something out.
  8. Update: Didn't rec check today. So tommorow I would belive it to be here. We get our mail late in the day and I wont be home until after 8 p.m. anyway. Once its deposited BOA said if its an out of state check it could take 3 days to clear. Also I already have been in contact with hinderantz about the payouts and if everyone wants me to just ship % of it (Hinderantz said he has a spread sheet to help out with this) I will have to deposit on stars. My deposit limits are 600 a day /2k a month via echecks. I have no clue how long it takes for echecks to clear as I have never done those. Any info on how you guys want the $$$ let me know. Also, I did NOT call anyone. Someone must have used one of those websites that can change your number cause I recieved about 15 calls the other day. All from people "returning my call". It was not me calling.
  9. Well update time. I was approved today for an amount less that the full amount I applied for. I am getting 6k (I will even take a pic of the check b4 cashing it). That check will be here within 7 business days. I will be in contact with Randers to see how he wants me to get that to him. I think overnighting a cert bank check should work. That leaves me 2800 short at this time. If anything I can figure out a payment plan for that amount since I should be starting the p/t job this comming monday. For those asking for my lawsuit info there is no way I will post it for one simple reason. I have been told by a few people and even read another post on another site that if they could find that info they would contact the courts and ins company and do everything they could to mess up my settlement. I have my final surgery set for Feb 15th and there is no way after all this time I am going to allow anyone to mess with it period. I am sure alot of you will say that is just an excuse and you are more than welcome to your opinion but after 5yrs of this I am happy to finally have this ending. I will be happy to finally have this behind me so that I can move on with my life. I thank those in the leagues for their patience. I appologize once again for all this.
  10. I am not calling out anyone. I have the right to respond to what has been posted. Someone said they would bet a million to 1 that I didnt even apply. GG reading comprehension I had Randers post my update but surely the only thing you are reading is the bashing. I hope to hear from them tommorow. Then If they approved I will have the check within 7 business days. Since you are sooooooooooo sure I didnt apply would you like to do that same bet since you are 100% sure I did not apply for it? Sorry I am not gonna sit here and e-argue with you. I have to continue studing.
  11. Okay So here are a few things to cover. Wretchy. Everyone is saying how he sent 3-5k and is out money. Here are the shots of our transfers. If he would like to dispute these please post your screen shots or audits from the sites. This was the FTP transfer and he had me ship back 25.00. Now from the stars audit. 82038185 5/16/2007 1:10:46 AM USD 650.00 Wretchy This was the ORIGINAL shipage from him. Notice the amounts. NOT 3-5K Total 1275.00 Now this is what was shipped back to him 82521872 5/19/2007 2:56:59 AM USD -650.00 Wretchy This was shipped back cause he was short on stars and wanted it back. Notice the dates. So at this point I still had to pay him back 675.00 96851110 8/26/2007 11:52:14 PM USD -200.00 Wretchy Paid back part of it SINCE Shaunne couldnt get the surgery due to her having to have the surgery to remove the blood clots. 119567955 1/3/2008 12:21:44 AM USD -400.00 Wretchy This was the last I shipped him back. So it does look like I still owe Wretchy some money. 75.00 If he can post his shots to verify or dispute this please do. For those flipping shit over this (I have seen it posted repeatedly) This hopefully puts this one to rest. Dan sorry but I have to handle the leagues first but you can get Bob to add this up on the list if you want. Now on to another. For all you saying I was so low I kept MosesRobs 4.00 The date for the grill was 5/23/09 when everyone shipped. 246868899 5/23/2009 1:50:44 PM USD 4.00 Moses Rob 246963892 5/23/2009 8:13:27 PM USD -4.00 Moses Rob Sent back. The grill that everyone is so up in arms about will be dealt with once I have the leagues taken care of. Pawing it wouldnt bring but 50.00 if I could even get it to a pawn shop. Again we will address this once I have everything else handled. Shaunne KNEW NOTHING about what I did. Once she did she was pissed off actually. It caused me alot of issues here (as it should since I lied to her). I didnt take out the 7600 out in one shot. I took out different withdraws. I took it out to cover Mortage,household bills.I sat here every night playing and I told her I won some here and there.I write out the checks for the bills so she had no clue what was happening. I did not buy any luxury items. Obv she doesnt go looking at opr or anything to know the difference. AGAIN THIS WAS WRONG OF ME TO EVEN DO FOR ANY REASON. For those saying she had ANYTHING to do with this is flat out wrong. Now for the poster who said he would offer a million to one odds that I didnt even apply I have a better one for ya. How bout 8800 to 1? Ship to Randers if you accept this bet. I love how alot of people who dont know anything sure seem to think they know alot. Ummm already have a p/t job that is willing to work with me on my upcomming surgery and even my rehab afterwards. I have to take a test this sat for it but I already have the info down pat and will actually start working (GASP) p/t with them next week. Now Randers has said he would handle the payouts and as long as everyone is fine with that he is the person I will ship the $$$ to. You will get paid. He doesnt have to fly out here since I would get a Cert Bank Check. I don't want anyone to be put out more than they already are over this. The ONLY way I can move on with my life and put this behind me is to pay it off. Plain and simple. As for posting here I obv know I wont be welcomed here any more and that is more than understandable. I fully expect to be lifetime banned. I apologize to those affected by my actions. I know that I can type words and they dont mean anything to you but my actions will. So I will let my actions speak for me.
  12. I think this is a good idea. I dont have 500 at this moment but will in a day or so. Who should I send it to? I think we are going to need a list of all those that need to be paid. For those saying I am not going to pay you are dead ass wrong. The only way to redeem myself (not for those involved but for myself) is to pay this off.
  13. No, I am not getting my settlement yet I am taking a LOAN against it. Its really not that hard to comprehend. Hard to belive this Clay but I do want this handled and put behind me so I can move on with my life. My actual settlement will be handled once I get my final surgery that is comming up finally. Glad to see that you know so much about my case though.

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