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    In my twenties, two university degrees (Major Psychology, Major Biological Sciences), completed a PgDipSci (Distinction) last year, own a dog, play a lot of poker. I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, go to the gym a lot, and I'm a staunch ethical vegan.
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    Professional MTT player, currently backed by Pocarr!
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    Home. Favourite site PokerStars, least favourite sites 888 and BetVictor by a mile.
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    Poker, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gym, Microscopy, Helping others
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    6 max
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    Big $16.50 on PS, and now the $55 Sunday Stack as well ;)

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  1. This weekend I'm playing in the NZD$1,100 buy in main event at the local casino, which is part of a series they are having holding over the next few days. I expect the field will be fairly small and so the likelihood of binking it ought to be greater than a giant field MTT. Wish me luck!

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