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    Small town guy who works in the family heating and cooling business. Married with no kids yet. Am a passionate poker enthusiast who looks for every opportunity to play and become better at the game. Currently, I am only a NL Holdem player, but would like to expand that to the HORSE games over the next couple of years.
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    32Red Poker
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    HVAC Sales and Marketing
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    My Garage
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    Woodworking, Golf, Volleyball, Poker, Poker and Poker. Not in that order.
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    NL Holdem
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    NL Holdem
  1. Did Donald Trump call Joan "I got so much botox in my face that I could never drown" Rivers a role model? Seriously? A role model? More Americans like Joan Rivers? All I have to say is that show was embarrassing and very, very scary. Scariest shit I've seen in years.
  2. bodog, back when they gave a shit about their poker room.
  3. I just got onto a hot streak there again and now this? wtf man. Please give us something decent to play. I'll never totally leave bodog, but I sure won't play there much without some decent midstakes guarnteed tourneys($25-60).
  4. Is this a pretty easy call like I think it is, or should I be considering this a pretty marginal. I'm torn. Villain and I have been involved a little(3-4 hands) and he has always had a hand when we show down. Stage #1571692130 Tourney ID 4248287 Holdem Multi Normal Tournament No Limit 300 - 2009-04-03 23:09:26 (ET) Table: 29 (Real Money) Seat #7 is the dealer Seat 1 - POKERFACE9017 (12562 in chips) Seat 2 - MAIDU EAGLE (5497 in chips) Seat 3 - NJW111 (3810 in chips) Seat 4 - LOCKSMITH211 (16036 in chips) Seat 5 - CHIEFTHIRSTY (15577 in chips) Seat 6 - ABOOOG (5906 in chips) Seat 7 - WETTS1012 (4596 in chips) Seat 8 - GOBLINTYCOON (2483 in chips) Seat 9 - TIDER22 (3570 in chips) GOBLINTYCOON - Posts small blind 150 TIDER22 - Posts big blind 300 *** POCKET CARDS *** Dealt to CHIEFTHIRSTY [10s 10d] POKERFACE9017 - Folds MAIDU EAGLE - Folds NJW111 - Folds LOCKSMITH211 - Folds CHIEFTHIRSTY - Raises 850 to 850 ABOOOG - Folds WETTS1012 - All-In(Raise) 4596 to 4596 GOBLINTYCOON - Folds TIDER22 - Folds CHIEFTHIRSTY - Calls 3746 *** FLOP *** [Qd 4c 3h] *** TURN *** [Qd 4c 3h] [9s] *** RIVER *** [Qd 4c 3h 9s] [7c] *** SHOW DOWN *** CHIEFTHIRSTY - Shows [10s 10d] (One pair, tens) WETTS1012 - Shows [Jc Jd] (One pair, jacks) WETTS1012 Collects 9642 from main pot *** SUMMARY *** Total Pot(9642) Board [Qd 4c 3h 9s 7c] Seat 1: POKERFACE9017 Folded on the POCKET CARDS Seat 2: MAIDU EAGLE Folded on the POCKET CARDS Seat 3: NJW111 Folded on the POCKET CARDS Seat 4: LOCKSMITH211 Folded on the POCKET CARDS Seat 5: CHIEFTHIRSTY HI:lost with One pair, tens [10s 10d - P:10s,P:10d,B:Qd,B:9s,B:7c] Seat 6: ABOOOG Folded on the POCKET CARDS Seat 7: WETTS1012 (dealer) won Total (9642) All-In HI:(9642) with One pair, jacks [Jc Jd - P:Jd,P:Jc,B:Qd,B:9s,B:7c] Seat 8: GOBLINTYCOON (small blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS Seat 9: TIDER22 (big blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
  5. http://www.fairtax.org The fair tax is a growing movement to eliminate the income tax(and the IRS as we know it) and every other silly tax that congress has created over the years and replace it with a national sales tax. Please research this topic and support it if you agree that it is a great idea and would help move this country forward. Check it out.
  6. http://www.fairtax.org check this out and support it. There is a big movement to eliminate the income tax and move to a national sales tax. The best thing for poker players and this country in general.
  7. Very good. I have noticed some changes for the better with their schedule, finally. Can we get a similar tourney in evening, please. say 8pm CT. Please. Thanks for making the $15k a little more affordable, bodog. Love it.
  8. Imperial Palace is the best value and in a great location. You are very near the best poker rooms on the strip. Bellagio, Caesar's, Mirage, TI, and Venetian all very easy walk from IP. I have stayed there and it's not the nicest place, but definitely manageable. Definitely better option than either Stratosphere or Golden Nugget. Have fun and if you like cheap beer and fun atmosphere, check out O'sheas, just South of IP.
  9. If you have the means, you should build your own. I built mine and I couldn't be happier with it. I just followed the free video plans on the site link below and it took me about 4-5 days working off and on to finish. Total cost for me was around $300, but the quality can't be matched by the cheapo table toppers on ebay and such. This table is a rock and will need sturdy legs. Note: If you follow the plans precisely you end up with a huge table that weighs a shitload and is very hard for one person to move. I ended up building a 2nd one and I cut a lot of the weight out of it in the process. Much easier to move and just as sturdy. Also, use the quick drying polyurethane on the racetrack, it saves a lot of time and looks just as good. If you decide to use these plans and need advice, you can pm me. http://www.pokertabledvd.com/

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