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    Miikka Anttonen
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    Author of Once A Gambler - www.onceagambler.com
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    Degenerate gambler
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    Tennis, Procrastinating, Drunken phone calls, Eating, Sleeping, Traveling, Writing, Fake moustache
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    Drunken Indian Poker
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  1. My bad I guess - if it came about that way (user suggestion) I think it's just cool if P5s wants to add some extra spice to it. I'd still maybe ask a few people really high in the rankings what they think because I do think that a lot of people treat badges and rankings with prestige and would hate to see them given out in crapshoots like these. I don't particularly care personally but I do think it's sort of against the spirit of your entire system tho. Any thoughts on running some Ironman type contest yourselves for extra badges or something? I guess I'm thinking mostly about the clientele basis that doesn't have a realistic chance at the toppest ranking spots because they don't play all the FTP 630 type dickwaving contests, but would possibly enjoy and extra sweat for their daily grind? I'd think from an affiliate point of view this would be more profitable for you too. My suggestion is call it a bowlcomp badge and make it look like Moertelmu's face

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