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    Recreational player, though I make pretty steady cash at Party SNGs. And chopping the Party million was quite tasty too
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    Las Vegas, NV
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    Playing with my 2 year old son
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $20 to $50
  1. I know it used to FTPDoug....is it still, or is it someone else? thx in advance
  2. unless you feel your standard of play starts to drop off a certain period of time, it is generally not optimal to set time limits. If you are crushing the table, why would you walk away because of an arbitrarily set time limit. By the same token, if you are getting outplayed, or if you are not playing your best game for any reason, why force yourself to play any longer - walk away. The key is to recognise when conditions are favourable / unfavourable and then having the discipline to make the appropriate decision. This of course can be particularly hard when you are having a losing session
  3. Effective stacks are only 20bbs - I would defintely get this all in preflop. Main reason being that you are planning to fold if you miss the flop. AK is a drawing hand, so you want to see all 5 cards, not just 3.
  4. $300 buy in at local casino, about 110 runners. We are nowhere near the money. Villain has been playing quite passively but doubled up a few hand ago in a coin-flip. I have been playing pretty solid and villain has seen me call down at least one river bluff with a mediocre holding. This hand comes up: Blinds are 500-1,000 with 100 ante. Villain raises from hi-jack to 2.2k (about 23k more behind) Hero calls in SB with AQo (about 35k behind) BB calls (about 40k behind) Flop is T84 rainbow, all check. Turn is 2. I bet 3.1k, BB folds, villain thinks for a bit and then calls.
  5. A few thoughts on this one: - if he bought in short and is playing hands like 53o, he doesnt sound like a pro to me, he sounds like a casual player on a hot streak - if he is short stacked, then you can wait for a solid hand and then 3 bet him pre. If he is raising as much as you say he is, then you will be well ahead of his range. - if you were chip leader at the table until he turned up then presumably you had the measure of at least some of the guys at the table. This is only one guy - you dont HAVE to play pots with him if you are not comfortable with it, there are another 8 guys wit
  6. Post hands on here. Ask for critique of your plays. Comment on other hands - it forces you to think about hands properly.
  7. thx... Sai - the maths says that you should take the spot. In addition, you would go from a 36bb stack - which is decent, but limits the moves you can make - to an 80bb stack, which means you can really start to bully your opponents. If you already had 50bbs, then you could be more cicrumspect (but also the % equity required would increase, reflecting this). At 35bb, I think you have to take the spot.
  8. that formula will give you the % equity you need to call (38% - which is what I quoted). Gags has used it to work out the pot odds (2.64-1), but then further adjusted that to get the % equity (i.e. 1/ (1+2.64) = 27%. Not trying to be a pedant or clever here, just want to be sure my math is not off.
  9. River first: no way am I folding here. There are far more Kx hands in his range (AK, KJ, KT) that there are full houses (KQ, QQ). Other streets. I am OK with the flat in the flop to allow a 3rd player to put money in (as board is very non-threatening) and also to allow villain to keep betting his bluffs on the turn. If you put in a raise here it is hard for it not to be a made hand as there are no draws here (except the unlikely 75/53). On the turn, I really want to start building the pot. He is only betting just under 50% of the pot and I want to be playing for as much of his stack as p
  10. sorry, not sure if I am having a "senior moment" here...are you including the 56.5k still to call in the 149k? you have allowed for the fact that the all in is only 71k effective, not 112k, right?
  11. Not sure about Gags' maths here, I make it 56,500 to win about 92,500, or 1.64-1, meaning you need to be right 38% of the time. Still going to be a call against all but the very tightest ranges
  12. In the absence of any reads, the original 4 bet looks pretty nutted. Fold looks correct here.
  13. What was your intention in betting the river? It looks as if you are throwing out a "blocker" in an attempt to see a cheap river. Ten is rarely in your range given how passively you have played the flop and turn so far. Now you have a tricky decision as to whether the villain genuinely has the Ten (or a boat), or just thinks you cannot make the call without one. Personally I lean to the former - his play to me looks as if he has it. Much prefer check/call on the river
  14. Agreed, fold. If this were unsuited would you even think about it?
  15. CJDeman

    A7o BB deep

    Preflop I would raise bigger. You are at 50bbs effective and you are giving the villain a great price to call after which you will be oop with a hand that is very hard to hit flop with. Alternatively just limp - if you do hit an Ace on the flop your hand is disguised and if you miss you can give up having only invested 1/2 bb. I probably c-bet this flop. The likelihood is you have both missed and this is your best chance of taking the pot down. By checking you give villain a chance to take control. Your check raise still gives him a great price (1,500 into 6,500ish) to see the turn. He woul

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