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  1. Stars and GG have pretty really good mobile apps imo. Have not tried 888 or Party yet.
  2. I think this is a pretty good read about BR management for both cash and mtt. https://jonathanlittlepoker.com/bankroll/ gl at the tables.
  3. Hey dudes, welcome to P5s. For sure you are going to need to be following a training site as well as digging into YouTube to find some good free content. Start with that and eventually start getting into having a few free/paid tools to assist you either during games or to help with studying. Just wanted to also point out that Bankroll Management is super important and you should learn what that is from day #1 and not years into playing poker. I think reading something like this: http://jonathanlittlepoker.com/bankroll/ is a great way to really understand the concept. Good luck!
  4. Erik Seidel Justin Bonomo Stephen Chidwick Bryn Kenney Christoph Vogelsang
  5. One thing I would add that can help too is simply saying to the dealer: "spread the pot please" Then you can stare at the spread out chips instead of a pile and at least count the big ones and get a pretty good estimate if you have completely lost all count during the hand.
  6. If you are a child of the 80s this song is for you.
  7. Was this written in another language and ran through bablefish to translate into English? WTF! This is actually hilarious to try to read. Although, I only made it one paragraph... Sadly there might actually be some good content in here. Hopefully it can be re-written. "you ought to dependably have around 20 major blinds" LOL
  8. About 2 years ago I did a cashout by cheque from PokerStars and I'm in Canada. They mailed it to a ups/dhl office in my city and I had to go pick it up, show ID and sign for it. From my recollection the cheque did not have the words "PokerStars" anywhere on it and I deposited at an RBC and had no issues with it.
  9. This pdf is more for cash games, not mtts but you might find it helpful as a general overview and a way to start thinking about omaha hands if you are new. http://www.gamblingsystem.biz/books/Pot_Limit_Omaha_Jeff_Hwang.pdf
  10. My opinion is not to think of Turbos as different to any other type of MTT. They are just regular MTTs with a twist. However, you will be short stacked faster than you are used to and therefore as others have said, you need to be good at push/fold and knowing when to call/fold when others shove into you. I used to think that I had to play some way different crazy strategy in Turbos, but really I just ended up making a bunch of huge mistakes.
  11. Rihards got pwned. Poor guy. From the software angle, pokerstars should have a check in place to warn the mod that this deal makes no f#%$ing sense.
  12. Things I think you should consider: If you stay at Rio you are close to WSOP so no taxi/walking/driving, however there is nothing outside close to the Rio so it can be boring if you are there for many many days. I prefer to stay on the strip but I try to find a location that has a free shuttle bus to the Rio (Bally's is one example) If you do catch a cab to Rio, tell them to drop you off around the back by the poker rooms. If you don't do this you'll have way longer of a walk once they drop you off Bring your own food to the Rio if possible because its really expensive. I swear I payed
  13. What does it take to get 50 points on 888 for example?
  14. Limping the 22 was fine. Once he re-raises all those limpers with such a short stack AND he was out of position - you should know that he is commited to the pot (so was essentially committing his 2400 stack pre-flop given his raise size) - he just has to have a hand that crushes 22 and you should be folding and moving on to the next hand.

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