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    my house!
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    playing cards, anything sports related, hanging with the kid, drinkin, listening to music!
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  1. I'm on board for cancelling this competition. Was a fun idea, but already nearly half the schedule is down the drain.
  2. Hey jason I haven't really looked too closely, what is wrong with scoring on page?
  3. .......Like I was saying, I expect it to go to shit again.
  4. Yeah I hear you. I would expect tonight to be a bit smoother, but who knows.
  5. My tables have been fine, I started 2 hours ago. Are others struggling?
  6. Gotta withdraw as a captain, I will not be online Thursday night. To anyone drafting just want it to be known I only play 4 days a week including Sunday.
  7. I'm in. I'd like to be a captain as well. If not no big deal.
  8. Definitely going with a C bet on the flop. If you don't C bet, then at least make a larger turn bet where you are getting a reasonable call on the river from Qx and sometimes 10x, Almost 1400 in the pot at this point I think you can go 900-1100 on the turn.
  9. I agree Kyle. I don't usually mind, but I was two tabling the other night and I was easily tilted by it.
  10. Playing a little on it right now just to get a feel for it. IDK how it will be multi tabling a bunch of tourneys, but it seems a lot smoother and cards are dealt to your hand and community a lot faster which is awesome.

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