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  1. Check the log. I started a Facebook account in an attempt to save the world. Jordan Skinner. The one with the mean mug. Join me won't you.http://youtu.be/KZM1ggHBnco
  2. https://www.facebook.com/jordan.skinner.758
  3. As mentioned in my other thread you’re invited to be interviewed on Chillside Central. Also follow me on Instagram chillsidecentral. It’s about being happy with yourself and not caring what other people think, it’s an easier way to live and it feels great.
  4. Who gives a shit war? Just do you, I think you’re fantastic.
  5. You sir are cordially invited to be the first interview guest on Chillside Central, should you choose to accept before billy Joel and levar burton.
  6. That's what i'm talkin about baybayyy! Tried to link this video but it's not showing up in the OP, let's try that again
  7. This is why the left will continue to lose. You have no counterarguments, ever. Sick memes though, brah.
  8. Ahh yes, excellent rebuttal p00pymcp00perton. The left certainly has a knack for debate.

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