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  1. rpg's>cults>cool aid day at the cult
  2. heres my thinking from villains perspective: first off I make the call pre hoping to get a good flop I have good odds to do this. now we see a flop and you make a continuation bet I hit the flop so now I want to find out if you hit so I reraise at this point if you go back over me I have to assume you may have a king but you flat so now I'm thinking you may have missed or are afraid of the king I don't put you on queens or jacks because of your small raise pre but possibly 99 or 1010 or many combos that missed say QJ for example. now comes the turn another king making it less likely you have o
  3. When you raise pre only 2.2 the bb will be calling much of the time with any 2 cards. For that reason I usually raise between 2.5 and 3 otherwise he's getting odds with a wide range of hands and hoping to get a lucky flop. He didn't put you on a king either as soon as he reraised and you just called he thought you missed the flop.
  4. sounds like they dont want to give you your money
  5. That trade was a disaster....
  6. Not the best coach the Vikings ever had but my favorite and the most colorful.
  7. The majority of the time people that are just calling are chasing a draw. So by the turn you should figure he's either chasing a flush or a straight which makes the queen probably safe so at that point shove the turn I don't see him calling that and you take down a nice pot.
  8. maybe we should put high tariffs on china's goods until they get their emissions down

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