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  1. Last I heard Willywoo was on an Atlantis cruise. Pretty sure he was meeting OneMdickface there for a suck off.
  2. libtard? what im a fucking liberal? but im not anyone not sucking trump cock is a libtard? what kind of brainwashed fucking weirdness is that?
  3. Oh big fucking deal. Way to own the libtards by buying a car. Then thinking that you are some kind of big shot or something. Youre a fucking nobody. But hey, you own the stupid libs on the internetz. You win for sure buddy. Does that car come with state of the art 1 million X magnifying glass, so you can find your incredibly small dick? Hey maybe if you keep up all your hard work on the internet here on good old pocketfives Willywoo will promote you to head ass wiper when he is in the nursing home in few years. over and out deep state deep state
  4. The whole libtard, TDS, snowflake, whatever else you moronic douche canoes use is such projection its not even funny. Especially cuck. That is the most right wing projected name calling bullshit Ive heard yet. Of course willywoo has to let other guys fuck his wife. He cant get his cock hard without pictures of Trump and it makes her so fucking sad. TDS tho, lol fucking retards
  5. Willywoo is a fucking dick sucker for sure. He wants Trumps dick so fucking bad. This place is almost unreadable because of these right wing nutjobs.
  6. Too bad you werent at that church today, you could of held up a copy of the constitution to stop the bullets
  7. I support the protestors. Fuck Columbo. Guy was a dumb ass detective who always needed help solving the case. And fuck columbus too. Fuck dolphin.
  8. This guy posts on here like he is a "reporter" for Infowars. Post your fucking source on this bullshit you spew. You wont put a source because it is just some fucking kid on 4chan or some hillbilly dipshit on Infowars. Aaron you are such a clown, I am surprised people hold conversations with you on here. Of course this place is a total shit hole so whatever. Seriously, read this guys posts, its infowars, Alex Jones conspiracys. gfy This guy doesnt even believe this shit. He is a deranged psycho.
  9. RIP Stockage

    Hey Gambo I miss you. My heart goes out to you my friend. We spent many late nights playing a dumb game and I miss those days. Stockage was a great guy. RIP
  10. RIP Stockage

    Hey Gambo, Sorry for your loss. I liked Stockage a lot even though we had different opinion on a lot of issues. I really hope you are doing well. If you need to speak with anyone pm me for my number if you lost it. I really miss the Evony days with the crew we had. If Slackman shows up and sees this, you too need to get a hold of me.
  11. Dude who watches Alex Jones is telling others about tin foil hats. l o fucking l at this dipshit. Go suck Alex Jones dick you fucking tard.

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