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  1. Hey, I made a post in the staking thread but it was deleted because I didn't read the rules. Where is the best place to find a long term staking deal or any advice? I''ve been a serious part time poker player for a few years and have spent the past year really working on my game. I've had some moderate success in smaller sized medium-high buy in tournaments with low volume. In the past 2 months I came 1st in the Wednesday War $109 for $6.6k; third TWICE in the T-rex for $6.5k combined as well as multiple cashes of over $1k in smaller events. In the past year I've won the Sunday $10r on PS for over $10k, the Bigger $16.50 for $5.5k and 3rd in the Sunday $100k on WPN for $8.5k. This is all with very low volume due to other work commitments. I now have the opportunity to concentrate solely on poker and will be going about it seriously. I'm looking for a good staking deal, with ideally some coaching sessions thrown in if possible. I'm now keen to play on pokerstars and looking to discuss with anyone who might be interested. If this is the wrong place, could somebody direct me to the best place for it? Thanks in advance.

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