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    Los Angeles, Ca
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    small no limit
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    medium buy in sng and mtt

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  1. why the fuck do you want re entries for hours??? Its like playing bingo...DUMB!!!
  2. I won mine and didn't follow baseball much either ha....and got 2nd last year same situation
  3. sick run in the Sunday 500!!!!I railed the FT.....GG!!Teach me pretty

  4. money all over the city to win....bicycle casino, hawaiian gardens,hustler casino, hollywood park, commerce casino are all good cash game and monthly MMT's..idk about team play......good luck
  5. weeeeeeeeeeeee sick score in that donkfest$3,3, 3.yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.keep doin what you do sir.
  6. YOUR MY IDOL SIR.SICK run this last few months.TEACH ME FOR KUSH LOL.weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pownd EM AL.yaaaaaaaaaaa.
  7. cotman212007


    stake me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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