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  1. It's only been 3 weeks since I did any blogging, meh. I was in Durant in April and had a less than amazing 0-12 MTT series and about break-even at cash. Hey, cant win them all, but it was a disappointing series. Nevertheless I came back to Tulsa planning to take a couple days off then get back to grinding, but I got a nasty head cold and was completely out of it for two weeks. I don't get sick often, but it seems when I do, I get really sick. So I grinded out a cold watching a bazillion movies and emptying my DVR, and finally got to feeling better. Unluckily we are having some of that odd Oklahoma weather and I am still running into a ton of hot/cold situations so I hope to keep the cold away. This last week I have played a few sessions of cash, a freeroll, and a weekly tournament. The freeroll was a bust, the tournament was a bust, but I did have a couple decent cash sessions to make a profit. I will probably be mostly playing some cash trying to increase my WSOP bankroll, but I will be playing the Main event of a series in Siloam Springs this weekend. It's a $350 20k that usually has a decent turnout. Other than that my next couple weeks will mostly be full of cash games and preparation for WSOP. I fly out the 29th and plan on staying for the whole series. I am still ironing out all the details but I am excited for another WSOP. I went to the WSOP in 2011 for 32 days and thoroughly enjoyed it. My trip was planned for 2 weeks there, one week back, and then I planned to fly back for the main for a week. Once I was there I couldn't leave with all that action so I changed some flights and stayed. Last year I was forced to miss the WSOP and hated every minute of it. The WSOP is just one of the things a poker player should try not to miss, the action is everywhere and amazing. This year my plan is to go for the whole thing and I hope to have some break out moments. Good luck to all the grinders out there and I hope most of you get to experience the WSOP, even if just for a week or a weekend. If you are interested in taking poker lessons or would like any information visit http://variance101.com/# or email me at variance101@gmail.com. #TeamVariance101

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