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  1. It was the morning of Day 2 of the Aruba Poker Classic Main Event and I woke up with plenty of time to eat breakfast and get to the casino. I was staying at a small resort on the other side of the island which was about a 20-25 minute drive to the casino. The other poker players that were staying at the resort were also awake and ready to play Day 2. We left a little later than I wanted to and hit real bad traffic on the one lane road through Aruba. I was twenty minutes late to the tournament. As soon as I walked up to the table an online player I knew said, "Here comes Cre8ive to ruin our lives." I was just getting settled in to the table. My bag just hit the floor and I was still shifting in my chair to get comfortable. A player in middle position limped for 400 and I looked down at JJ on the cutoff. I raised to 1,600. The big blind (who was the Internet player with the comment above) then 3-bet me to 4,100. The limper then moved all-in for 7,500. Wow. I was in a pretty sick spot psychologically. I had to react according to first impressions. The limper was a South American guy. I figured the 3-bettor could definitely be light here since I just sat down at the table. I had him covered by about 30k in chips, and decided to move all-in. The 3-bettor folded and the limper turned over QQ. I really expected to see 77/88/AJ type hands but with no information on the player or the table who knows. It later turns out that the player was pretty loose and amateur tendencies, so it was still probably the right call. I was down to 55k after the very first hand. A couple hands into the 300/600 (75 ante) level, a tight player limped UTG with a 30bb stack. The player in 4th position made it 2,150. I was in the big blind with QQ. The isolator had about 30k behind and he seemed pretty tight/amateurish as well. I thought calling was the best plan and just flatted. The UTG limper folded. The flop came Q-9-4 rainbow. I checked and the player bet 3,325. I raised to 7,775 total and he thought for a minute and moved all-in for roughly 30k. I called and he showed 77, drawing to runner runner quads. It was a nice present for me and my stack increased to 90k. An Internet cash game player raised the cutoff to 1,500 at 300/600 (75 ante). I flatted the button with KJ and the big blind called as well. The flop came A-Q-5 rainbow. The cutoff bet 1,850 and I thought this was a great flop to float to take away on the turn or maybe improve with my 4 outs. I called and the big blind called as well. The turn was the T, giving me the nuts and putting two hearts on the board. The big blind checked and the cutoff bet 4,200. I thought that just calling here was risky but in a three way pot I figured it would disguise my hand and I would get more value from the two pair combos or Ax combos like AJ/AK. I also had the big blind behind who might put in a raise. The big blind folded... so much for that plan. The river was absolutely horrible. It was a Jack, meaning a King was the nuts and putting a four card straight on the board. The cutoff bet 9,450 and I raised 10k more. He moved all-in for his last 12k and I knew we were chopping the pot. I called and he turned over KQ. I like how I played this hand and maybe would have gotten more value on the river from a bluff if he missed. The next pot was the biggest pot I played on Day 2. The blinds were 400/800 (100 ante). An Internet player made it 2,200 in 3rd position and the button called. Before I looked down at my hand in the big blind, I thought this would be a great spot for a squeeze. When the small blind folded, I glanced down at Aces. Wow, talk about good timing! The initial raiser had about 60k and the button had around 30k. I thought a 3-bet of 6,800 was good sizing. The Internet player called and the flop came A-J-5 rainbow. This flop was a great flop for me to continuation bet regardless of my holding and I fired 8,700. I didn't want to check the flop because I think it puts me in a more awkward spot since the flop is such a great flop for a continuation bet from a squeeze regardless. I also wanted to build the pot and have a chance to stack him. He called my flop bet and the turn came the K. Two spades were now on the board. I felt like Kings were in his range and he would have to bet the turn if he was floating me. He bet 15k with roughly 30k behind. I thought for a while and decided moving all-in would give me the most value. I shoved and he thought for a short time and called with his underset of 55. Two hands after that massive pot, I picked up AA again, this time on the button. A really loose South American player limped UTG and I raised to 3k on the button. The flop came Q-4-6 rainbow and he check called my 3,600 bet. The turn was 7x and we both checked. I could have probably went for three streets of value against this player but I decided to keep the pot small. I didn't want to give such an aggressive player who had position on me more chips. The river brought a King. I didn't love the river but once he checked to me I knew I had the best hand and bet 6,500. He called once again and I was one of the chip leaders in the room with a 170k stack. Gavin Smith was moved to my table. I have never played with him but I know quite a bit about his game from watching him on television. He limps his first hand for 800 in 2nd position and I made it 3,100 in 4th position with K K. The player to my immediate left instantly moves all-in for 11k total. He was a really tight player. I raise folded 88 to his 12 big blind re-shove an orbit before because I knew he either had AK or a pair higher than mine. I still liked my chances in this pot and called his all-in. He tabled AA and the flop came T 5 2. I had life to win the decent pot and put a brutal suck out on him, but the turn was Q and the river was 2. He won the pot and my stack slipped to 156k. Luckily he didn't have more chips or I could have lost a lot more in this situation. It folded around to me on the button and I limped with 7 4 for 1k at 500/1000 (100 ante). The blinds were two good players with big stacks and I thought this limp would throw them off a little. The small blind completed and the big blind checked. The flop came 9-7-4 rainbow. The small blind led for 2300, the big blind called, and I raised to 7,900. They both called. This was pretty surprising to me actually. I thought the small blind had 9x type hands a lot and the big blind was on a draw with either 65/T8/86 type hands. The turn was the 6 and the small blind led again for 5,200. The big blind put in a big re-raise and I made the easy fold. They got it in on the turn and both turned over T8 unsuited. This was a pretty interesting pot because there was actually a lot of money on the flop between three big stacks. After this pot my chip count was at 176k. Towards the end of the night things didn't go my way. I started to lose a lot of small pots and went really card dead. I didn't mind. The structure was so slow, I could happily fold and I had plenty of chips. With about ten minutes left in the night I played a pot vs. another big stack. I played this hand very poorly and was real mad at myself to end the day like that. I made it 2,800 in 2nd position with A J. Two players behind me, a good player called. The flop came A K 6x. I checked to him and he bet 5,600. My first mistake I think was checking this flop. I thought his flop bet was real strong actually. I just had that feeling because his sizing was so big and he normally bet around half the pot. I called and the turn was the 6. Now I would chop against AQ, but had lost all value against all other aces. I checked once again and he bet 9,400 this time. I called once again and the 2 landed on the river, completing the flush. I checked once more and he bet 13,400. I was in a pretty bad spot. I misplayed this hand on every street. On the river I was almost positive he either had AK or was turning a hand into a bluff. His bet sizing on the river made me think he didn't have a flush. I made the crying call and he showed me AK. Day 2 had now ended and I finished with 126k in chips. I was 14th in chips with 86 players remaining going to Day 3. I was surprised at my chip position, considering I lost 50k within the last level and a half, but still excited to be advancing to Day 3. -- Aruba Poker Classic Trip Report - Part 1 *Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade is a professional poker player and instructor from the state of Florida who has over ten Top 3 finishes in high-stakes online tournaments so far in 2009. Recent Scores for Cre8ive $46,115.00 $1000 buy-in, $1K Monday on FullTiltPoker. 07/27/2009, 3 place for 46,115.00 $14,938.20 $109 buy-in, $109 NL Hold'em [1R1A, turbo, $25,000 guaranteed]on PokerStars. 08/29/2009, 1 place for 14,938.20 $13,375.00 $100 buy-in, $33,000 Guarantee (1r+1a) on FullTiltPoker. 08/04/2009, 1 place for 13,375.00 Read Cre8ive's blog

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