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    PM me if you're interested in coaching. [url]http://www.twitter.com/TristanCre8ive[/url]
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    Student/Poker Player/Other
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    Las Vegas, NV
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    Sports, Hanging out with friends, Working out, Poker, Etc...
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    NL/PL HE, $3/$6 to $5/$10
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $100 and over

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  1. Poker is a game that attracts people of all ages but it is especially appealing to the younger generation. With that said, what is the biggest decision that these young players face? Oddly enough the answer doesn't lie on the felt. It's a choice of whether to pursue poker or continue their higher education. Every week I see multiple forum posts on PocketFives from people asking if they should drop out of school and focus on poker (or similar posts like this). Pursuing poker full time is a decision many of us have to make. I discovered poker my freshman year in college. Like many people, I w

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