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    Just want to be the best player I can be, but will need help and luck along the way. Will always keep a smile on my face and will not trash talk other players because of a bad beat.
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    32Red Poker
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    Pocket 4's
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    Retail Manager
  • Favorite place to play
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    Most sports, Movies
  • Favorite Cash Game and Limit
    no limit 1/2
  • Favorite Tournament Game and Limit
    No limit MTT $5 Buy ins and up
  1. there was at least 2 stacks on that final table with less than 10BB so that was my point to start with, but well done to those that cashed, but there was some crazy shit going on, nerves must of played a part
  2. he is a good cash player so I have been told Wayne Blodwell? and what happens now, one of the russians said he didnt know he was agreeing to a deal?
  3. Could they not take out the short stacks in the sunday million on stars?
  4. why is stars cancelling all the tournies after restarting the server an hour ago can t play anything at the moment
  5. All bar a couple of them are donks with winnings less than $1000
  6. Kid leading now has won $1300 and has ro1 of -29% its a donkfest And running hot AQ vs AK and hits 88m now
  7. So Gaz get time off pre season training to play millions? while everyone else sweats it out, tough life.
  8. you will get a payout based on your chips compared to total chips in play
  9. Any thoughts on the multi entry tournies on Tilt? Not sure if I like or not
  10. Is full tilt resetting its server soon? I cant find many of the games i normally play?
  11. its down here, what happens now if you are mid tourney, do you just get auto blinds until you bust out?

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