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  1. What's up everyone? Here's a little background info about myself. I fell out of playing the game for about a year due to not wanting to play on ACR due to site security issues etc and lack of options being that I reside in PA. I decided to focus on my day career in that time frame. I played a little on Global but there wasn't enough action to warrant a consistent commitment. I've played part time for a living off and on for years, cash and tournaments. Present day I only focus on online tournaments as my day job requires me to be in Pittsburgh regularly with occasional travel. Since PStars has launched in PA in November I've played Sundays every 2-3 weeks getting my feet wet again. Starting a couple of weeks ago I began to play 2-3 nights a week in the evenings bigger guaranteed tournaments. Thus far I've played 36 tournaments, cashing in 9...with a 36th and 15th place finishes in the Sunday Special 100 and a 21st in the Nightly Stars 100, its a small sample size but wanted to give numbers on the short term results.(Really hope P5's tracks PStarsPA soon). I have 65K+ in earnings on Full Tilt, 57K+ with ACR(most of which was won in 2017-2018), and another 8k+ on PStars before they closed to the United States several years ago. I'm getting things rolling again and can afford to buy into most tournaments on PStarsPA on my own dime but sometimes I like to reach out to see about selling some short term action(or long term, I'm opened to anything.) On April 4th the PASCOOP begins and I was looking to sell some shares of my action in this series. It could be particular tournaments, a set of them, the whole series, whatever is agreed upon as I know certain investors like different options. I'm looking to be staked for the tournaments with buy-in ranges of $150 plus but am willing to extend that to other tournaments depending on what is agreed upon. As of now I am scheduled to be at UFC 249 on April 18th(day job), they usually bring us in for the entire week prior so the dates I'm looking for is April 4th-11th, and then April 19th evening(coming home that morning) and April 20th. If the event is cancelled I'd be looking for that particular week as well. Just wanted to give anybody interested the full situation before PMing. If anybody is interested in discussing this further please PM me. thank you and good skills at the tables, stay healthy too. thanks, Chris

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