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  1. not sure about all of the merge skins... but sportsbook as disabled the vip system for me... then they disabled my vip booster for sngs and told me the promo is supposed to be ended... yet i know other players that it still works for... then today they limited my tables and entries to 4 tables... support told me that it was a decision made november 1st.... yet again i already confirmed with other players their limit is still ten... pffffffft gg sportsbook
  2. just wow at changing your real life name to continue playing... are you gonna change your social security too?
  3. loooooooool unreal........ you got fans brah!
  4. cant connect.. was playing steps last night... woke up did alot of lurking in the forums... finally decided to fire up some steps and get back to work on that step 10.... why i dont even know... but anyways cant connect now. im assuming im the only one with this problem? left it connecting for like 20 minutes it finally loaded up /thread
  5. im never folding ak in the sb to a resteal unless i have history with the player... just a slight cooler man... reg up another one and win the next flip.
  6. ilook for 3bet opportunities early against players with a high pfr and shove.. i also like to randomly open shove to induce weak ace calls, esp in the micros.
  7. cool trick.. backspin into a faceplant.. i give it a 7.. only cause im better at it tho =P
  8. terrible timing and really fishy... tin foil anyone?
  9. ^^ pretty much what i meant but yeah ill agree theres a huge difference (lol? haha) ok ill just stfu point was it stems from the uiegea.. good clarification tho.
  10. they need to waste less time with this bullshit.. regulate it.. and spend the time going after crooked politicians who commit REAL crimes... like taking a bill that everyone knows just HAS to pass... waiting til the last minute and then tacking on personal/party interests just to fill some tip jars... thats the real crime imo. it all stems from the uiegea tho.. without the uiegea the feds would have no case.
  11. actually it was about 5 minutes before i posted... so 3/30/2011 12:25-12:30pm by p5s time
  12. and why doesnt the allin hotkey work? im usually on my laptop with a touchpad mouse so its much easier to just hit F8 than dragging the bar all the way over and clicking raise.
  13. damn u hurt my feelings man.. 20 bucks to my name? whoever said that... and whats confusing? the only reason i posted is just to share how a 4 month old transaction so small as 20 dollars came back and bit me at JUST the right time... and yeah so i got an overdraft but who cares... the problem i have is that now im unable to deposit at ANY poker site using echecks... anyways tilt still didnt get their 20...i paid my bank 35 bucks for the overdraft... i cant use echecks anymore.. my accounts restricted until i pay them 20 bucks... and the best part is.... i had the 20 in my tilt poker account but i transferred it to my roommate like a day or 2 before... just wish they woulda let me pay them the 20 on my own like stars did.. instead of springing surprise transactions months later at just the right time is all im sayin.

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