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    Omaha PLO
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    omaha PLO $2, $5

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  1. I for one haven't played much poker the last week due to illness on any site ,but last night thought i'd give 888 another go and tried to play 888 everyone on my table were cursing about the discons , so nothing has changed in my time away ,can't be bothered to email support got nothing back last time .Other big sites shut down and resolve the problem and give you compo without emailing support ,but not 888 you have to do all this and then get a generic reply saying we are working on it Bullshit response . Look after your paying customers and give them what they deserve a site which works and compo you don't have to beg for or send screen shots to prove . I am not putting anymore cash on this site my next deposit will be on stars where I've been doing pretty well lately . I will play Portugal SS this week my last 888 live event as I've heard they won't be running in 2015 . If someone asks me whats 888 like I will be totally honest with them an unstable site which steals your rake and has a rubbish reward program STARS reward program so much better than here .So goodbye 888

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