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  1. Got there!! Thanks for starting me off. So to continue.... Taking the combination 4,5,6 for a straight by the turn (* is a blank) 4,5,6,* (Hitting on the river as you stated above) = (12/50) x (8/49) x (4/48) = .003265 *,4,5,6 = (12/49)*(8/48)*(4/47) = .003474 4,*,5,6 = (12/50)*(8/48)*(4/47) = .003404 4,5,*,6 = (12/50)*(8/49)*(4/47) = .003335 Total for 4,5,6 by the turn is 0.013478 Multiplied by four to include the other three combinations (5,6,9), (6,9,T), (9,T,J) =0.053912 Does this fit with your math?
  2. Thanks Donkiman. Very Clear. For the next part... How about when we add in the turn, and the river. I understand how to calculate depending on what cards hit on the flop, but I really want to know what the odds are of hitting a straight from hole cards to flop, turn and then the river. i.e. all variations to the river. Trying to do it in a spreadsheet but giving me a headache. Going to clear up a lot of brain space when I get this worked out :o) Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello All Can anyone tell me the odds of making a straight by the flop, turn and river when holding starting cards of: 1. Connected cards 2. Single gaps 3. Double gap 4. Triple gap I realise the odds will change for cards at the high and low end but if someone could show me how to work it out for the for middle cards I am happy do the work for the higher and lower ends. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Guys This is my first post on Pocket 5's. Had a deep run in a tourney. And just got busted out up against Pocket Aces. Nothing I can do about that but looking for feedback on whether the push may have been overly aggresive given I had 25 BB. 6296 total entrants. There were 28 players left and the average chip stack was 8.5 mill when I pushed. What are your thoughts? pokerstars Game #72674727358: Tournament #485516026, $1.00+$0.10 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XLIV (200000/400000) - 2011/12/24 15:21:53 AEST [2011/12/23 23:21:53 ET] Table '485516026 15' 9-max Seat #6 is the

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