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  1. As EC10 started his Sunday of poker last weekend, he probably did not realize his skills of multitasking were going to be put to the test. As the hour approached for two of the biggest online Sunday tournaments, the PokerStarsSunday Million at 4:30pm and UltimateBet's $200,000 Guaranteed at 5:00pm, EC10 threw down $430 to cover the buy-ins that would test his abilities. The Sunday Million drew a healthy 6,959 entrants; UB's $200,000 Guaranteed attracted 965, making for two large pools of skilled players vying for thousands of dollars. EC10 dominated both tourneys at the same time and was able to make his way on to both final tables. He took home fifth in the Sunday Million for over $41,000 and sixth in the $200,000 Guaranteed for $8,500. In the last year of our tracked online tournaments, EC10 has mostly played the $100-$200 buy-ins and has seen very consistent results. The Florida State University student's biggest cash before this weekend was in the PokerStars World Championships of Online Poker Event #9, Pot Limit Hold'em, last year. EC10 took over $21,000 for his sixth place finish. He also had two big wins coming from a Stars $200 buy-in for over $7,000 and a FullTilt Double-Stack for over $14,000. You can find him on UB under the name Monster Kill. Final tabling two Sunday majors on the same afternoon, however, is a feat of its own. One PocketFiver who is no stranger to phenomenal poker accomplishments is SCTrojans (pictured at right). Aside from capturing three Triple Crowns in just two weeks back in May, SCTrojans has established himself as a top-ranked player on the site. He comments on how tough of a feat it is to final table two Sunday majors on the same day: "Final tabling the Sunday Million is ridiculously hard in itself. The majority of top-ranked players probably haven't final tabled it in their hundreds and hundreds of entries, let alone on the same weekend as another major." He notes that his best finish is around 90th in the marquee Sunday tournament. "Anyone who final tables two Sunday majors on the same day has to be a pretty solid player." The Sunday Million regularly attracts around 7,000 online poker players, making for an enormous field and large paydays. Another P5er, knet_poker, was also able to go deep into the final table of UB's $200,000, finding himself at the same table as Monster Kill. The Cincinnati native placed third on Sunday and banked $18,000, the best finish by a PocketFiver in the event. Here are the top 10 finishers in both events that EC10 final tabled, as taken from our weekly Tournament Review: PokerStars "Sunday Million" $200+15 6,959 entrants - $1,391,800 paid out to 1,080 spots 5902838181 - $196,243 chipsncheese - $98,817 Tecknowledgy - $69,590 princess13 - $55,672 EC10 - $41,754 Infitilt - $30,619 Professor122 - $21,572 lostremote - $12,526 Ann Karen - $8,211 UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed $200+15 965 entrants - $200,000 paid out to 100 spots f4zi - $45,000 dangdokodang - $26,500 knet_poker - $18,000 GO F1SH - $13,100 Jay_Fiedler - $10,500 monster kill - $8,500 harrington25 - $6,500 midora - 4,500 135565 - $3,400 royo1 - $2,000 Congratulations to EC10, a poker star on the rise. Watch out for EC10 at your table from now on. He will long be known for accomplishing one of the toughest feats in online poker.

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