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  1. I'm a fucking pro at this. Not as easy as that. Im in Niagara on the lake. Doctors lawyers and retirees. Even the employees that were ny age thought I had a mental condition when I asked. Posting here was obviously a last resort and it worked so suck it
  2. Thank you everyone in OT especially paki. Came thro like 15 mins ago. Currently smoking a j looking out over Niagara river. Moving to Canada now. Never going home. I love P5
  3. Well he fucked me. Stopped answering after postponing twice
  4. This guy was legit. He said um we dont have a dispensary but I'll deliver to u. Pretty sure he is just out of his house
  5. I swear I tried 3 last night 2 disconnecTed numbers and a medical place
  6. I stand corrected have a delivery in route. I love u lmfao. That easy
  7. False tried all that. Closest us at st Catherines and is medical.nearest rec dispensary is Toronto
  8. Was thinking the same thing Haha. I think I found s guy at domino's lol. Thanks for nothing OT ????????
  9. Rather not eat off my wife's face. Thanks tho
  10. At Wayne Gretzky's winery bow. Staying at queens landing
  11. Idk if my messages are working. Hostile what's up bro
  12. I'm an OG not much of an off topic. I imagine people remember me. Idk tho. Still looking btw
  13. I dont want an Ounce mate. Going back Monday. It's legal here everyone keeps saying so I'll buy whatever is feasible
  14. I forgot my foodstamps card in the states w my 12 kid. I'm about to run and grab food. If anyone is serious let me know
  15. I'm Irish so definitely not my penis. I'll pay 40 for a 20. USD's

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