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  1. My friend said it best, when you care about Rose's sister more in the 5 min she was on screen than Rose herself, might be a problem. Don't even get me started on how she crashes into Finn, bitch is crazy
  2. Please don't let me get to a point where I allow this bad of writing to be ok.
  3. I can't belive I am going to say this, but man I miss the prequels. This new one had about 20% awesome and 80% just awful. Let's go over the terrible - Let's talk about possibly the worst scene ever put on film. Leia gets blown out of the bridge killing Admiral Ackbar and other awesome characters ( wtf?) and she somehow survives in the vacum of space and superman flys back to the ship????? WHAT! My whole audience laughed -This is not a guardians of the Galaxy movie, this had waaaaaay too much humor. Was way too silly and it had characters saying things they never would say. I see why Mark Hamill hated this shit. - Hamifisted Monte Carlo Planet to be political about Super Rich people who profit off not taking sides and animal abuse. Go free my horse? Are you kidding me Rose? Kill me. - The character Rose, we get it Disney, you want to appeal to all markets, but ham fisting a Chinese Character who completely kills the pacing of the movie is just turrrrrible. - Killing off so many awesome characters in dumb ways, Oh that cute kick ass A wing pilot you see? Ya she gonna die in 5 min. - Luke Skywalker. Luke’s death was lame and His arc makes absolutely 0 sense. Hate the force and cuts himself off from it yet goes to the original Jedi island and respects the original books so much he doesn’t even read them, goes to the island to die but waits until he helps the rebels to force kill himself. Also hologram Luke matrix dodges lightsaber because why not. - Speaking of Hologram, why the hell did the dice later dissapear and why the hell would Leia leave them at the base? How does any of that makes sense?! - How did Finn drag rose all the way back to the base without 1 soldier shooting them dead, they crashed miles away?! Also Why would she crash into them thinking that save their life, thus possibly killing them both. Fuck this movie - Captain Phasma... lol so you bring her back to have a 3 min fight scene to die? That was your payoff? Way to really use that awesome actress. Fuck you Disney - So Chewbacca is the new Uber driver? - Snoke, I leave this one up for judgement still in case he really is not dead and has multiple bodies or something. Otherwise what an incredibly dumb character. Cool way he died, but my god wtf was that. - Why does that dumbass have a curtain around his throne room? - Why after the kamikaze is everyone dead but Finn and Rose and somehow Phasma who was standing next to them is 100 feet away coming out of smoke? No. - LEave this open when I remember what else pissed me off about this piece of shit. -CGI Yoda - Wtf was that pit on the island for? I don't need all the answers, but for a cool mirror scene, only to have nothing happen. GREAT! - THOSE STUPID FUCKING RABBIT THINGS! WE GET IT DISNEY, SELL YOUR MERCH. - OMG the kid at the end, Disney really looking to cash in on kids coming to star wars land and doing their stupid star wars camps. God damn you Disney The Good - The opening bombing run scene was pretty awesome. The asian girl who sacrafices herself and the fight scene I was super into. - The Emperor guard fightscene, what an awesome scene. All the awesome new weapons like the whip lightsaber and fighting was pretty great. - Puppet Yoda - Best part in the whole movie imo, the kamikaze Lightspeed scene. The way it went silent and lit up was incredible. my whole crowd was in awe, really really awesome. Might be one of my favorite scenes in any scifi movie ever. Overall I wish this was just a series about Finn and Reys Adventures, Poe can tag along too. The way they kill off all the great old characters and can't think of an original idea is tiring. Maybe I have just become an olderman, but bring back Lucas. He at least took chances despite how terrible his writing was.
  4. I am curious what you 2 actually thought did better than Rogue one? Besides Finn and Rey, force Awakens was hot garbage with not an orginal idea. It was episode 4 done over again with a female, but with a weaker main villian, awful han death etc. The space battles in Rogue one brought back memories of the old days, force awakens were non existent. This movie had orginial ideas and planets, vs a deathstar that was a planet in TFA
  5. This movie pays homages to the orginal for older fans, while being orginal and realistic and awesome, something the Force awakens failed so hard at. The characters are also badass, more so the side characters. Seriously this movie kicked so much ass, and the ending... let me tell you. I teared up and jizzed at same time.
  6. Just saw it in IMAX and all I have to say is this blows Force awakens out of the water in every way possible. This movie does everything Force Awakens should have done and anything it did do the same, it did 1000000000 times better. Only thing I think I can say about Force Awakens is uhh... Finn and Rey were great.... uhh.... ummm ya. This movie kicked ass. Everyone go see it, orginal planets, technonlgy, vehicles, battles, Great Homages while staying orginal, etc. I want to talk about this movie so badly, And dat ending.... Oh and if you liked the Force Awakens more than this, you know nothing about anything and may god have mercy on your soul.
  7. Honestly I just want to know what Ja Rule thinks of the results. Can someone please get him on the line? Would really love to know.
  8. 21t amendement in SF and Santa Monic in LA
  9. Obviously beautiful women everywhere, but as said, I am so weak to an Australian accent. It's like that white guy with yellow fever, he see's a 10 in the most average of Asian women. I need help, I just followed about 15 Australian Olympians on Instagram just now. Plus views aren't too bad either
  10. Also mad points to the Dutch Field hockey team and Ukraine women are like Russian women. Def Nutty
  11. You are right, there are beautiful women here, but accents bruh..... I am weak.... I need help. Their Instagrams are glorious, and can we talk about an unfortunate company name. Cosby sweaters.
  12. Olympics just reminds me why I moved to Australia and will be marrying an Australian women. Michelle Jenneke and Tay Clark. GOT DAMN, perfection
  13. Coincidence though... http://hiddenamericans.com/politics/un-official-found-dead-was-set-to-testify-against-hillary-clinton-same-day-barbell-fell-on-his-neck/
  14. Shawn Lucas, on top of the 27 yearold DNC member and the guy who was going to testify against the clintons but mysteriously died with a weight dropped on his neck. Just a coincidence though.....

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