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  1. Stocks - 2021

    I have and have had an order in on three accounts for $3.48 for almost $20k in cash for over a month. Looking for a Whale to Sell - And get in on the Dip's Possible I will reset the price point at $4.28 - But IDK if if I will ever hit their again ~ for this Year.
  2. Stocks - 2021

    The Price of Diesel is Going Up exponentially here in CA. The Price of Soy Beans - Are going Up. Exports may be going Down - As Supply will be even more Limited. (Commodities Market). Just like CBULF - Look Upstream for a Coke Dealer .. And Invest and hold longer than a Year ! So you only have to pay 10% on Taxes - rather than 42.6% on Short Term Stock Gaines Taxes.
  3. Stocks - 2021

    Great Page ~> https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/agricultural/soybean-reports.html# GCEH is using a Fallow - Different product. Planted in with Wheat with Supplies Contracts already in place.
  4. Stocks - 2021

    Also look Upstream into the Soy Bean and other plant matter Suppliers Stocks on the Commodities Market - Demand Is going to way up.
  5. Stocks - 2021

    Also learned that the new Lines and Tanks will be Elect or Steam heat traced as it can jell up at 50 degrees F and below. No problem mixed - Some Jeep Diesel JT (Jeep Truck) owners have been having DEF Additive problems @ 38F as the tanks in the rear have no heat source, or plug in - and plug up then it trips the computer on the JT.
  6. Stocks - 2021

    Market Price for Bio Fuel jumped of 60 Cents a gallon this week ... Project on hold for at least a Month. They need to secure some contract with a Supplier as well I am thinking ?
  7. Will I get banned if I ask for Black Hole Exploration Wanta ?? Asking for a Friend...
  8. Well I go FB Banned for a spell apparently.... I should of Tagged #WillieBrown, #AnalSex and #HeelsUp. Fucking Bitch .............
  9. Missing form the list is Adam 12, The Mod Squad, The Streets of San Fran. The Odd Couple, Heart to Heart (The OG Magnum PI) Happy Days was followed by Lavern and Shirlee - Then my bed time. Love Boat and Fantasy Island on the weekends after tending the farm and doing my chores ... Or NO TV 4 ME !!
  10. Stocks - 2021

    I worked with Engineers and Pump Engineers O.T. today ~ and showed them our old equipment and lines from 26- years ago. For plans on offloading 4 rail cars a day for Bio Diesel - and how we used to do it for some tanks that are gone now - but near a tank that they plan on using - for a bio diesel metering tank to blend to trucks for delivery. I asked them a question as I saved them a lot of time and how we did it 26 years ago the last time they were used - to a steam driven reciprocating pump ! They were amazed at me and my knowledge and of the lines and where they go @ a 1940's Pump House ....... But I digress. Talking to a High Up person - I asked him where they are getting it and what the Blend Rate will be. He said from Bakersfield - and is expecting 4 rail cars a day (750 Barrels each). I replied GCEH then. He asked if I knew of it ? I replied that I own quite a bit of stock in it already and have been buying it very early. He looked at me in disbelief - Got jaw struck - Went on about soy beans in the mid west and how they yield 19% bio-diesel out of a bean .... And then said "Well good Luck With That" LMFAO !!! Current plans to come into fruitions with them they are wanting to do it - is within 2 years max and it will be a big project - with 10% Bio being added currently. I tuned out my Armstrong and Getty Podcast the entire commute home 0 And just thought.... I know a better way and a tank that is set up with pumps and metering systems already to blend - Shocked me that they did not even think of it - or they possibly have already ...... I will Run my ideas thru a fellow co-worker in Projects tomorrow before I scribe all this shit up to present day. They need Rail, Power, Pump and Spare, Spill Recovery to Treatment Plant, Tankage, Blending (Batch or On-Line to a storage tank that will be receiving run-down). BUT IT IS A START OF FUTURE - COMMING INTO FRUITION !!! Next up is State Mandating !! AND 20% ADDED !!! I make great money, But I earn it and put in hours - and these people were way above my pay grade today- And they were very impressed with my knowledge and sharing to make their job easier = If I get on this Project and promoted to Union Temp Staff pay with 12 hour days (I currently work 5/12's) I just might stick around for 4 more years !!
  11. Delete - I am PC not Smart...
  12. Stocks - 2021

    @Shrubbery Strikes again ...
  13. hookey91 - PM me your Venmo or PayPal - Winner Winner - Steak Dinner !!

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