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  1. Hey lads, Been an age since I posted here but just wanted to raise a point of issue surrounding the Partypoker lobby. Anyone else notice that when buying in to tourneys the lobby has a habit of jumping when trying to reg a few tourneys quickly? You might try and reg a few in a row and end up buying into one below the target buy in by accident. Case in point I mistakenly bought into a $530 yesterday while trying to reg for an $11 and a $5.50 I think it was. Needless to say this was a painful mistake. If Im imagining it fair enough but I really feel that jumpy glitchy lobby has a lot to answer for. Admittedly there was an error my end but my lawd can they not make the thing smoother? Is it really that hard? I sat out out and got live chat going in an attempt to abandon ship but the powers that be were having none of it. So once I realised that there was literally zero chance of an opt out I gave it a lash and was unsuccessful. The Party team might have taken a look at my avg previous buy in of around $11 (over 3k games) and figured out it was a mistake but nah. No interest. Note this happened to me once at stars and as a courtesy they refunded the rake part of buy in. Note the Stars lobby is not glitchy. It goes without saying that people might engineer a 'mistake' in this way but this just wasnt the case here at all. Horrible filthy Party lobby. As a extra sickener I asked Party to cap my buy ins to avoid this kidn of crap happening but was told they were unable to do this their end? What kind of program is this thing? Eugh. Im just venting. But if there is any substance to what Im saying please chime in. Its gonna be a crap month of beans on toast. Cheers lads.

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