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  1. that aj play was pretty awful, i beat nothing besides kq, which i doubt you even raise flop with, i kind of forgot how horrid this play was because i won it, but wow thats bad:) sry man
  2. i hated my aj play, the flop was very draw heavy and he just flatted me pre. again i consider that 4b jam a mistake but it turned out alright, ntm i wasnt feeling too great on saturday.... to hand #1 i didnt like my play in this hand too much either, im pretty sure i had q9sp, or 89sp, and when i got there i didnt really think too long on the bet size. I assumed you had a hand like AA set or ak, so i felt like there was plenty of implied equity to draw, and alot of times you have a good enough hand to call off, if your not 100% sure i got it... as it turned out you made a good fold and i bet too much i guess. After mentally reviewing the hand, i guess 1500 is a better bet size in this spot, considering the structure of this tourny, n it is 2x the size of your turn bet. whatever gf
  3. Hi Lee!! 1 I am new to cake, this might be a duumb question anybody can answer it, is the sunday, 109$ 50k, and the 150$ 100k on doyles room, the same tournys as on cake poker? can i play both those tournys under cake poker and also under doyles room? please clarify ty. 2 why is there no option to mute sounds? a poker website should allow for mute to the sounds ty
  4. you got it back "eventually" after "2 hours". Has is it ever occurred to you that maybe he was just fucking with you? dude thats a serious fuck with. ive done that one time to someone on p5s and fucked with them for literally 15 seconds. you dont do that for 2 hours unless your realy planing on keeping the dough. the one time i did it he was like sent i was like hahah thanks for the dough sucka..... then he was like ?!?! are u kidding and i was like yeah duh i just sent, and obv i sent. no one fucks with someone like that for 2 hours he totally planned to fuck me, and its funny hes ranked 24th overall on this site. funny thing is a witness to this event is actually Rooney_dives, as I stated previously... small world lol
  5. to be honest i didnt even go into detail, riverman1 is the pitts and he fked with me for like 2hours, and for 1.55min, he had no intention of ever paying me back. he basically only payed me back when i told him hes a well known high stakes regular, wtf are u doing? trying to rip me off for 4k, when during this time, he was on like a 70k rush on stars in like a week. Also, while he had my money, and told me i got knocked and that im an idiot for sending first, he called the moderator and told the moderator i was harassing him,and creating stories.. After 2hours, finally he came to his senses, at this time he was in copenhagen for the ept, i swear i was gonna fly over to denmark and confront him, to this day i still dont know what he was thinking, but im happy he sent back eventually. still though, the 1 or 2times a week i sit with him, i type to riverman1 that hes a peice a shit and i'll never forget what he tried to do. and if i ever see him im gonna embarass him. i still plan on it....
  6. i know him alright, hes been around for years. 1 time like 3 years ago, he asked me to lend him 200$ and he pay me back in a week, i lent it. Like 2 days later i asked him to pay it back and he did. Hes knows Riverman1 and that guy is a sketch ball!! Like 8 months back, i set up an exchange for stars n ftp $ 1 time with him, for like 4k, i sent on ftp, and once it went through he started typing; "OH YOU BEEN KNOCKED!! SUCKER TX FOR THE 4k!!" all stuff like that, i was on the rail of 1 of his cash games.. i was like sketched out for like an hour, finally after chatting away at him, he sent me back the 4k on ftp, saying he doesnt want ftp$, this is almost 2hours later, with full intention of "knocking me" for my 4k, even though he plays every week, and he plays all the highest stakes. Oddly enough, rooney_dives was at this tables chat box, and he and I have talked about this riverman1 incident on numerous occasions... I've also heard on a different note, that Rooney-dives is a sketchy Mutha- fka and is not to be trusted, this info is at least 8-10 months old, and from personal experience, riverman1 is a sketchy dude also... l8
  7. im not backed ever and im the nuts lol... just won 2 nice tournys on ftp tonight alone lol.... it can be done , backers are a vice for winning players imo
  8. omfg for a while i was really good about getting every addon.. recently im missing 25-40% of my addons when im 10+tabling... fk this auto addon button ftw!
  9. i say any buyin under 30$ snap call, anything over you play like sh it lol :)
  10. imo, get outta the frkn box:) lol 4 mtts is just a huge sample size lol... :) play 500 mtts and tell me how many cooler bustouts you have from 2 card flush over flush, i think the number 'ill be like 5 lol
  11. kind of had the final table of LAPT mar del plata so couldnt play sundays really lol, sick brag imo:)
  12. just a cooler imo, i think your line in this hand is fine, i think you created a low varience situation for yourself here, and just got coolered, i play quite a high volume and i play all suited connectors and subconnectors, and rarely get it in with a smaller flush over flush, from experience this is a rare situation, similar to a set over set dry board situation... i think your line is fine here and certainatly your preflop flat is fine, play more volume imo, and on a better site also:)
  13. Derek8


    This was last summer in Vegas, and my brother and 2 other guys rented a house for the summer and we're all smokers... a buddy of ours who just finished 2nd in a big NL event @wsop would come hang out at the crib couple times a week.. Well this isnt a free weed story nessecarily because we had pretty good NOcal, but tbh my preference is to smoke half weed half hash joints, i just think it tastes way better, and 4weeks into being in vegas i havent seen a peice of hash... neways hes cool as fk and shows up 1 night with a half an ounce of some really decent hash... I told him i would barely even smoke without hash, just because i thought it tastes worse, and he just lobbed the brick over towards me and said its yours, enjoy! fwiw all of us in the house enjoyed that brick for the next week or so, and hes still a good buddy of mine i chat with everyday... fwiw he spent i think like 2-300$ on it, so i mean pretty generous guy, but it mbn to ship like 360k for a 2nd in a 2k nl wsop event lol....

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