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  1. Saw this video of poker pros react to losses and bad beats, it got me thinking - what about us, the so-so players? If these giants of poker have no problems with losing their sh*t at the table, it is OK for us, or should we strive for total self-control?
  2. Phil Hellmuth still got it?

    I know he's a living legend, but I'm seeing this video, and everyone just bluffs him like he's a beginner:
  3. Is Doyle Brunson's method/book still relevant today?

    Really? He's racist? First time I'm hearing this.
  4. Hi, a newbie, hope this is the right forum for this discussion. Saw this video of Doyle playing and it got me thinking - do people really still swear by his book until today? Isn't the field more loose and less fearful now?

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