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  1. Im not asking what to do. Its more what would you do. I was the one that played the hand and i shoved. I thought it was a no brainer. But when i discussed it with my friends, i was just surprised by the different answers, so i was curious on what other people thought. I think at my stack size a and the orginal raiser stack size, shoving would be my best play. I think my opponents would have to put me on a wider range at that point. If im raising between 4k-7k i i think i would be showing more strength and my opponent has to know that im shoving flop regardless. Also the fact that after the raise and the flat, my shove may look like a squeeze too. This was my thought process and and i like it that all my friends had different opinions because thats the beauty of poker....same situation, 6 different brains 6 different results.

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