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    I would have been much more profitable if I didn't jump to high stake MTT's so early on in my poker career. I have had the most success in MTT's at the medium stake level. I took a nice long break so I'm as fresh as it gets and Iv'e got a few new tri
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    Everything that has to do with golf. I teach, play, and caddie.
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    Poker,Golf, Sports
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    I enjoy omaha Hi/low but I'm a No Limit MTT specialist.
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    WSOP Main Event

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  1. Small low stakes line up on BOL.

    5pm est 2.20 R+A ($1k gtd) 5pm est 16.50 freeze ($500 gtd) 6pm est 4.40 R+A ($750 gtd) 6pm est 6.05 deep R+A For each of the re buy + add on's I multiply the buy in + fee by 5. In most cases 4 re buys plus an add on wont be used. Funds will obviously be returned. This 4 tournament line up for Saturday August 13th 2016 has a total investment of $79.75 which will be paid back before a split of 70/30.

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