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    Math guy in a math world
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    32Red Poker
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    Harrah's Chester
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    Ultimate, Programming, Dancing
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    NLHE MTTs $5-$24

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  1. Betcoin is full of customer service leaks. (see below) SWC is a great choice, just route your bitcoin through another wallet before cashing out to coinbase etc. Betcoin refuses to fix or respond to support emails in regards to funds lost by not refunding cancelled tournaments. The only acknowledgement is a blog post/forum slide, and their response is simply that it isn't their fault and that WPN will give them the amount they owe in repayment to you... every so many days. Nothing came after a week plus. No response to my support email either. Betcoin also had a delay in its password reset automation emails. When a support rep did reply to me, he reset my password manually and gave me a very generic password something straightforward like 'password1234'. You don't need a secondary auth to login to Betcoin, so anyone could've preyed into my account and dumped chips until I found the emailed, manual response hours after my intended login time.

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