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  1. At time of the hand, there are 5 tables left. Paid 81 of 875. Blinds are 8000-16000 with 2K ante, playing 9 handed. Avg stack approx. 485K. UTG 550K Hero (SB) 245K BB 260K UTG limps for 16K. Roughly 550 behind. Action folds around to me in SB. Look down at A9. My read on UTG...he has been limping in EP often, then complaining when people raise him out of pot. Has been saying out loud that he wanted to see flops and then would mention small pairs or small suited connectors. Based on this info, I have his range at 22-66, suited connectors, and A2-A8. Very confident on his range. After his limp, there is 58K sitting in the pot. BB has almost exact stack size and would need to wake up with big hand to call I shove, thinking at worse he calls and we flip for 525K, but think he folds almost 90% of time. BB wakes up with JJ, wins 3-2 flip and I am out in 41st. I think based on read play was standard, but just wanted to get some other insight. BTW, UTG open mucked 4-4.

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