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  1. It just looks like he's raising your cbet to make the guy in bb fold so he can play you heads up in position with what is probably the best hand. Then he checks the turn for pot control, giving you credit for a pair or draw (one of which hit). I think if he was bluffing the flop he would continue on the turn. So it seems your shoving into at least a pair here more times than not. It worked because of how large the shove was, but if your goal is to push him off air and give up if he actually has a hand then I think you can accomplish that by reraising the flop a decent chunk to dissuade him from floating light. This way you lose ~9k instead of potentially 36k and probably only get called on the flop by top pair or better. The downside of course is that you lose the opportunity to bluff 3x pot and push him off top pair, but I think he can be making this play with many value hands less than top pair. Having said that, your play worked and the thought process is interesting, so thanks for posting :-)

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