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  1. All these pictures of hot chicks and you fgts want to know if I've ever seen a Japanese maple ffs........
  2. Or when people break into cars and smash the drivers side window. Yo dumb fuck, you have to sit in that shit feel me? Word is born.
  3. I’m staking LUNA on terra station. It’s nice.
  4. Stocks - 2021

    I don’t think I’ve really checked my account. It’s like sometimes I go “oh yeah I have some shares in a rock company or something”
  5. One lawsuit against Watson dropped already. 21 more to go yawn. Elway already left three messages.
  6. You guys really have Citizenship Awards? What the f is that all about? How do you get an award for being a citizen? A really good one?
  7. Yeah and it was at fucking night when she said that out in the wide open when the plane crashed
  8. No problem. If you ever need help just hit me up. I used to write code for YouTube.
  9. How about in Aliens when they welded everything shut and the aliens are like no problem fam, we'll climb up in the ceiling and just crawl over to where you humans are barricaded in
  10. If it’s 20 seconds how’s he at the 30 and 39 second marks?
  11. Subtitles saved my life watching roundeye shows

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