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  1. Hey everybody!I sell one of my MPNPT Madrid package with discount. If you're interested, please write private message to me there or twitter.MPNPT Madrid package is valued at €1,500 and includes:- Entry into the €550 buy-in Grand Finale Main Event- Entry into a €55 side event- Accommodation for 4 nights at the 5-star Melia Madrid Princesa or NH Collection Colon for you and a guest inc. breakfast (in 6 Feb out 10 Feb 2020)- A Players Welcome Party- €125 travel expensesYou must have account at 32 red poker room. If you don’t you can create it. The deal is made with a room manager participation. When we settle on a price and confirm our agreement to the manager corresponding amount will be charged from your account and credited to my account. At the same moment the package will be reassigned to you.

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