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  1. So your M is 4 right now your pretty much shoving anything, unless you see both of them go in its ok to wait to see if the big stack knocks out the out the other villian to put u in 2nd for better money. ICM you have to study that it make it easier to understand ur shoving and folding positions 2-9 handed final table (ICM) Independent Chip Model!
  2. Absolutely not! basically the way i see it is sb, bb hand ranges are most of the time similar, say if you had any 2 suited cards many people will shove even without an Ace in there hand, but with A7 suited thats a for sure shove basically this is your chance to make a steal, weather you win or not depends on the showdown or muckage. but the correct move in my opinion would be to shove that because if he raises you when u flat call ur way out of position to make that call, if you shove you dont give him betting options and he has to choose then and there on the spot 50/50 in his mind but your ahead usually in that position!
  3. 10 5 off suit is live 3 way but are you willing to risk the tournament so quickly what were the blinds at this point is a major questions which should be one of your top priority into making this decision to shove with 10 5 also what has the villian who has only 2k behind him showing down review hand history, pick up those factors and your decision will be alot easier, but then again some times people just wake up with the nuts and you gotta crack em now!!

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