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    The Island
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    Golfing, snowboarding, playing basketball
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    2-4 NL live 200$ max
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    3r, 11 1r1a, 22r's, sunday million.

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  1. In light of last years changes to eliminate supernova elite...just a random idea here: The movie Nerve is basically about kids who dare each other online for money....and after a dare is won...it is pressed...a more fearful dare than the previous is presented for more money etc etc etc.... What if instead of silver star and gold star...it was you won x amount of money today? Try your luck at 1-2 NL or 2-4 nl or xyz MTT....win x combinations of hands...win xyz bonus points? You lost alot today? play play money or microstakes and try to get really lucky and win 10 buyins back at .01-.02/.02-.05/.05-.10.

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