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  1. Over three thousand. And counting!
  2. Hey there, Just wanted to say that the new draw games on FTP are super juicy, especially the NL variety. And I was wondering why PS has .25/.5 max NL Triple Draw stakes (especially if they are spreading 10/20 pl 5-draw. The 1/2 and 2/4 games have been great. Anyone else play these yet? It's all overbetting and soulreading, it's great.
  4. It's pretty sad that I actually considered doing the stop and go as a possibility in this hand w/ QQs. Obv I have his range crushed here ... but I never win w/ AQ and never beat AQ. It's an evil evil hand.
  5. If you are pretty damn sure he hasn't flopped a set... and considering your chip count -- I would just shove the turn. What's the point in letting him catch up? Let him know you have at least top pair here, and he can't call you. And as mentioned before, you don't want to get overly involved against a player that has you covered. He has no reason to make a hero call against you (it would be pretty terrible) if you just ship the turn. Also, raise to 4X pre / Shove flop is a good line to use here. Good luck at the tables! --draw
  6. AQs too strong to fold. Call, and live with the results.
  7. Maybe I'm crazy... but this just seems like a fold. I doubt he ever has JJ here... making his range QQ+ and AK. Even though I'd say it is AK a majority of the time, that means you are most likely flipping, but otherwise crushed. And also, the shover has been playing tight? and all of a sudden just moves ALLIN. He is probably praying you have JJ-KK, and thinks this is the best way to get value from his hand. Why let a scare board slow down his preflop value against this particular range, especially if you yourself have been playing tight (implying strength). Definitely a read based decision. Against a lot of players, this would be fine, but as described, instamuck.
  8. drawface

    n00b here

    hi, i am andrew i know you dont know me, but i am a funny fellow, i enjoy pictures that tell me to GTFO.... i cant wait to be flamed by the best.... I know a few of ur most valued members, and i hate them... s1nnr is my best friend, and he said i should get in on the action, but, he also warned of the hazing process, so, say what you will, he said that he would stab anyone that gets out of line... i also took a lot of money off of wear in vegas

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