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  1. Wondering if any other pocketfivers play on betcoin or SealWithClubs, bitcoin poker rooms. I choose to play on bitcoin site betcoin as an American mtt grinder. Bitcoin is the best cashout option for us in the situation that American poker players have. in my opinion. And betcoin has merged with Winning Poker Network Mtts. Which makes betcoin the best option for bitcoin mtt players. If you play on any wpn skin like acr or bcp and see bc_**** names those are betcoin players. For those who don't want to deal with the price of bitcoin going up or down, withdraws only take a couple of hours on betcoin and I recommend not keeping too much of your roll on there at one time, prices will not fall hundreds in hours and betcoin pays out in coin equivalent to the cash value of your prize in the mtt at the time you win it. But you really shouldnt leave too much of your roll on any america facing site. Any thoughts on the bitcoin sites from members here?

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