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  1. need a really good read to fold river... flop 20-33% is the best option vs pretty much anyone, if you play flop x strat, include stuff like your weakest Qx JJ TT some A high QQ etc pretty easy to come up with this range..for bluffs can include stuff like KJs w bdfd that doesn't really want to b/f flop but can improve over turns+rivs as played I call w/out any reads as given your pot odds and your hand you would be way overfolding in a gto sim... your hand is just so good+there's a non-zero chance he's value cutting KQ now like I alluded to b4 some ppl just never have a bluff here and calling w/ anything but 6x+ is lighting money on fire, so reads in this spot are pretty important
  2. They're only allowing regs to deposit as of 4/11, unlucky
  3. Guess I have to post to be a part of the sickest US p5s thread.

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