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  1. Hey I need to fin a game in anchorage Im working a lot now and needing to get into a bit of underground

  2. gg yesterday, now you see why i was so happy to beat you in 1 pot :)
  3. Hey man I have been watching you for years. I'm trying to find someone to coach me up. If your interested please get back to me thanks.
  4. DuckU


    Thanks guys, appreciate it... feels good to crack top 10 and hope to stay up there for awhile. :)
  5. Coach me maybe?
  6. how long does this reboot take and is my tourney going to even continue when the system comes back on?
  7. I think a 2K - 2.5K weekly (or monthly) would get plenty of entrants. Most regs who already play the 1Ks are going to play and stars can just run a bunch of sats for it like they do for wcoop events and they'll get around 300 players.
  8. I took a look at some of the WCOOP tourney structures and saw that the $10K "high roller" event doesn't have the best structure out of all the NL events, and it's the biggest buy in. It has the same structure as the sunday $200 buy in events (5) throughout the series and a worse structure than the $500, $1K and $5K buy in NL events on sundays. It also appears to be worse than the $1K NL events, but harder to compare because of different starting stack sizes (7,500 instead of 10,000 - but has 3 more levels). I already wrote Poker Stars, but have yet to hear back. I think we need to make our voice heard in order to get this changed. Please write Stars an email or post on here and we might be able to make something happen.
  9. In for both, but can't be a captain. Have a conflict on saturday.
  10. I think that all of the $1K + tourneys should have the same structure as the SCOOP tourneys. These are the tourneys where you want to have plenty of play, while playing for bigger money. I KNOW it's not always easy staying up all night playing, so maybe some of these get earlier start times or are made into 2-day events, but I don't think you should sacrifice the quality of the structure. I also think the $109 NL tourney should be changed to a $500+ NL tourney or just add an additional big buy in event. Also adding a $500 or $1K R&A would be a nice addition.
  11. Sent and I hope everybody who sees this takes a minute or two to send these preformed letters. It really does make a difference and as full time or recreational players, we need to keep online poker going any way we can.
  12. Nice work in the SCOOP ME bro!!
  13. How do you own me so hard every time you call my 3bets?

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