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    White Sox fan, Love to grill, I have 2 German Sheperds and 4 cats. My favorite utensil is my Happyvappy. My favorite motorcycle is obviously, Ducati. Addictions:poker& speed
    Nobody will outride me on a motorcycle,ATV or snowmobile
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    Business Coach
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    Spending time with my 3 sons. I Enjoy business development, poker, motorcycles,ATVS, & snowmobiles
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  1. Lol. I've been lurking a little lately and getting back to some poker
  2. Anyone seen the new HGH Gel that's out there? It's pretty sick, I've been using it for about 3 months
  3. Every time I check back in to OT, there's a new Buchsbaumy thread to view(I don't check in often anymore). Crazy shit every time. Thanks Paul for the entertainment. Good luck
  4. I love Obama,taxes, unions and free healthcare!!! Long live King Barack Hussein Obama!! He's turned into an even bigger train wreck than I ever imagined. Kind of amazing
  5. Excited for the Pat Curran fight!!! I've known this kid would be a champ since I first met him. 2009! Great fight card tonight http://www.pocketfives.com/f13/curran-vs-hori-ot-come-party-lakemoor-il-saturday-night-518922/#post4913387
  6. Pretty sure it opens at 9 AM. I was here at 9:15 today and it was open already
  7. I will be there Friday&Saturday. Good luck everyone
  8. lol. Time flies. You were there for the birth of one my sons(I don't remember which)
  9. I'm planning my next ATV adventure. Anybody been to this trail system in West Virginia? Here's a video clip from our last ATV trip. This was Brimstone in TN. The ATV rolls 21 times
  10. I agree with raise this that my situation is not the norm, however it's much more common, especially in road construction than most people realize. My situation is what happens when the pendulum has swung too far in labor's direction
  11. Dumbass, I own union companies
  12. Standard union intimidation. I bring 2 german shepherds with me to work EVERY Day. In part, for a little protection.

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