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    Manicaland, Zimbabwe


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    I started playing online in 2007 and were almost breakeven through the year then in 2008 I started to develope my game and really got into it and haven't looked back since. I really love the game and I play a different variety of stakes today. I like
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    student and poker player
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    Las Vegas
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    poker - fishing - hunting - body building - travelling
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    2/4 PLO 6-max/hu
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    MTTs 100+

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  1. Hello guys, haven't posted here in awhile but I'm looking for some information about Malta.. I'm currently 24 years old (as of today) and me and my gf are thinking about trying to live in Malta for at least couple of months.. We have a 1 month old boy who will be about 10 months when we are thinking about moving so that would have to be taken into consideration deciding where we should live I looked up some information about it couple of months back but things change really fast in the world we are living in! I know a lot of grinders live in Malta in different areas so input from them would be appreciated. - How are living expenses there? Does the food and stuff to live cost a lot there? - What is the prize of renting there? - Are people friendly there? - Are there good quiet city's who are friendly for children? - I have 2 laptops but I would rather like too grind on a PC (but obv not taking mine with me to Malta), Do you recommend getting a PC in Malta? Are computer merchandise expensive there? - Are there any casinos, tournaments or good live games?

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