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    Biloxi, MS
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    Paintball, motorcycles, skydiving,
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    NL/PL Omaha, $1/$2 to $2/$4
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $100 and over

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  1. Hello, my name is Rafael Miller. I'll be assisting you today. Rafael Miller: Hi Sergio. Rafael Miller: I will be happy to check on that for you. Rafael Miller: Please hold for a moment while I look up your account... Sergio Jacquez: Hello mr miller Rafael Miller: Can I have your account number please? (You can find this number in the CASHIER page displayed alongside your first name.) Sergio Jacquez: 421773125 Rafael Miller: Thank you, Sergio. Rafael Miller: Please give me a moment to look into this... Sergio Jacquez: sure thing Rafael Miller: Sergio, withdraw ID: 4700060 requested on Apr 16, 2013 for $2,300.00 is pending. Rafael Miller: Sergio, we are aware of the delay and are working with the third party processors in charge of processing the checks to speed these transactions up as much as we possibly can. Rafael Miller: I am sorry for the inconvenience. Sergio Jacquez: What kind of time frame can I expect? Rafael Miller: We don't have a time frame at this time. We are doing our best to get this done as soon as possible. Rafael Miller: Once you have received your check, please feel free to contact us back so we can offer you a compensation bonus. Sergio Jacquez: 60 days is more than the website states Rafael Miller: That is correct, our time frame it's 6-8 weeks, but we do have a delay. Rafael Miller: I apologize for the inconvenience, Sergio. Sergio Jacquez: Is there any compensation you can impose so I can play now? Sergio Jacquez: im not going to cancel my check after this type of irresponsible delay Rafael Miller: I am sorry Sergio, any compensation or bonus can only be added after you have received the check. Rafael Miller: You can still make a deposit on the account using the cash transfer option. Sergio Jacquez: Carbon takes our money without payment... Rafael Miller: Segio, please have in mind that our processors are located all over around the world and it is not that easy to get the checks processed in U.S; there is a whole process they need to follow for this. Sergio Jacquez: why would I re-deposit when I haven't seen that this site is honost site. Sergio Jacquez: Is there a ranking order or can you ask for status? Rafael Miller: What do you mean by a ranking order, Sergio?. Sergio Jacquez: is there a number in line that im in for payment processing? Rafael Miller: No, there isn't I am sorry Sergio. Rafael Miller: As soon as an update clears up, we will inform you via email. Rafael Miller: Once again I am sorry for the inconvenience, Sergio. Sergio Jacquez: carbon a ponzie skeem? Rafael Miller: Sergio, we have been on business for several years now. As explained above we depend on processors out of the USA to process the checks and unfortunately, this time there is a delay on the withdraws. But I promise we are working on it already and as soon as we can the check will be send to you.

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